Earlier this year, we released DesktopPlayer for Windows tech preview following our announcement at Citrix Summit. Based on that work, today we are announcing the general availability of DesktopPlayer 2.1.

This release adds Windows platform support to DesktopPlayer with full feature parity as DesktopPlayer for Mac. It enables the same corporate Windows desktop image to be deployed and managed under a single console across both Windows and Mac platforms. This extension serves as a great alternative for XenClient Enterprise customers, and a complimentary solution for XenDesktop customers that need local execution of business applications, or constant access to apps regardless of their network connection such as organizations with executives on the go, road warriors and large number of contractors and partners IT is looking to support.

Along with DesktopPlayer 2.1, we also released version 5.7 of our client management server – Synchronizer.  Synchronizer offers comprehensive management capabilities such as one-stop image management, role based access control, secure and flexible endpoint management.

Key features and enhancements in DesktopPlayer 2.1

  • Centralized image management: centrally manage master images and their deployment to Windows or Mac client devices.
  • IT friendly server-side management: role-based administration, flexible bandwidth management, and diagnostics information retrieval.
  • Comprehensive client-side management: extensive security related policies, full view of client stats and usage, and over-the-air upgrades to push updates to endpoint devices automatically the next time they come back online.
  • Easy and flexible user experience: client-side application installation, and resource configuration to better utilize client-side hardware resources.
  • Windows platform support: DesktopPlayer enables you to run guest VMs using Windows 7, 8.1, or 10 as the host OS on laptops.
  • Enhanced security with policy control: policy control for full encryption of VHD and configuration data on client device, clipboard sharing policy, file sharing policy, and VM removal triggered by event at client.

You can find DesktopPlayer for both Windows and Mac as well as the Synchronizer package and user documentation at the download page.  Both DesktopPlayer for Windows and Mac use the same license.

Visit the DesktopPlayer product page to learn more, or try DesktopPlayer for free.

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