While the cloud can offer powerful financial, operational and business benefits, the viability of your cloud strategy can rest on something as simple as the reliability of Internet connectivity to your branch offices. All too often, concerns about how to effectively manage, secure and maintain the performance of mission-critical applications can make enterprises hesitant to migrate their on-premises apps to the cloud. Join Citrix at AWS re:Invent – Las Vegas, October 6 – 9, 2015, booth #741, to learn how we’re solving this problem.

As part of the core Citrix philosophy of “anyness,” we are committed to supporting customers no matter where they run their apps, or where or how they’re delivered. For customers running apps on AWS and other cloud environments, Citrix provides the tools and visibility to ensure application availability and mobile compatibility combined with a great user experience. With Citrix NetScaler and CloudBridge, you can optimize your public or hybrid cloud infrastructure and manage, secure and maintain the performance of native and virtualized apps everywhere they’re accessed and used.

Unified Gateway AWS

NetScaler with Unified Gateway™

NetScaler optimizes, secures and controls the delivery of applications from AWS and other cloud environments. NetScaler 11.0 now includes new features with particular value for customers running apps in AWS.

  • Unified Gateway – NetScaler with Unified Gateway consolidates remote access infrastructure to simplify IT while enabling users to access virtualized, native, web and cloud apps from any type of device. For customers running XenApp or XenDesktop on AWS, NetScaler with Unified Gateway provides greater intelligence, flexibility and security for apps wherever they’re accessed and used.
  • Support for TLS 1.2 – As companies face unprecedented threats to their data, NetScaler offers greater protection than ever with support for the TLS 1.2 encryption protocol. This provides a more secure channel for all types of communications, whether between on-premises datacenters and the cloud, or between mobile users and the enterprise.

These new features complement NetScaler performance optimization and security capabilities enabled by global server load balancing (GSLB), site-level load balancing, SSL offload, and web application firewall to protect against threats including DDoS attacks, SQL injection, cross-site scripting and buffer overflow. Increased visibility helps IT manage traffic and balance compute loads with granular insight into application performance.

Because NetScaler uses the same binary across different form factors and platforms—cloud or on-premises, physical or virtual—customers enjoy high reliability and feature velocity no matter how or where they run their apps. Learn more about the new features NetScaler provides for security and improved user experiences: www.citrix.com/netscaler.

CloudBridge with Virtual WAN

CloudBridge gives enterprise network managers the flexibility to deploy an app from the datacenter or from the AWS Cloud with the same high level of reliability and visibility. An encrypted IPSec connection from datacenter to cloud ensures high security. Network optimizations and application acceleration features speed data transfer and minimize network costs. These features include TCP flow control, data compression, deduplication, video caching and the optimization of chatty protocols. Hop-by-hop visibility helps IT monitor system health and identify sources of app delivery problems.

Virtual WAN, a new edition of CloudBridge released with Citrix CloudBridge 8.0, provides even greater availability, scalability and cost advantages by virtualizing multiple network links, including both MPLS and lower-cost broadband connections, to act as a single connection. This ensures high performance for apps whether delivered from the datacenter or the cloud even in the event of a failing network connection. Visit this page to learn more about CloudBridge and WAN virtualization: www.citrix.com/cloudbridge.

Virtual WAN

Together, CloudBridge and NetScaler ensure the availability, security and performance you need to mobilize apps into the cloud without having to worry about the quality of network connectivity. For users, that means uninterrupted productivity wherever their work takes them—and the agility to deploy resources wherever your business takes you.

Come see Citrix at AWS re:Invent booth #741 to learn more about using CloudBridge and NetScaler to ensure availability, security and visibility for apps running in the cloud.