We are excited to announce the release candidate of Citrix Melio 6, the first version of Citrix Melio since the acquisition of Sanbolic in January 2015.

Melio 6 is the enterprise storage and data virtualization software platform for high availability and scale-out of XenDesktop and XenApp. With the launch of Melio 6, we are extending our position as industry leaders of business mobility and introducing business continuity at the data and storage layer. Melio 6 will let customers improve the economics and elasticity of their existing server and storage infrastructure, creating the perfect converged or hyper-converged IT environment.

Melio 6 will be offered to our desktop and app customers looking for reduced image management, high availability of PVS/MCS, databases and user profiles. Melio 6 will also be available to customers with more than one location for geo-distribution of data and those moving toward hyper-converged infrastructure.

As our customers are adopting mobile workspaces, the demand for easy-to-deploy and easy-to-use infrastructure is on the rise. More data equals more data management headaches and legacy storage infrastructure is no longer cutting it. System admins are worried about not being able to access data when they need it, at the speed they need it.

Melio 6 is the answer—a pure software solution, optimized for Citrix workloads, it cuts costs for IT and the business and reduces infrastructure and data management complexity.

Melio 6 is a major upgrade. It includes a new Citrix user interface and optimized performance and scalability for hyper-converged architectures. The Enterprise edition includes the new patent-pending, storage protocol ISA—Citrix’s Independent Storage Architecture.

Melio ISA identifies storage resources on all Melio-powered servers on the network and aggregates them into a common storage pool, which is then shared by all servers providing the high availability customers expect. This means no more dependency on external storage or expensive and proprietary connectivity. Through ISA, customers get true storage economics, equivalent to the cost savings and ease of use provided by cloud vendors.

Citrix Melio will continue to work well for any SAN/DAS and hybrid storage environments. Customers will get high availability for PVS/MCS, SQL and file servers and, by activating Melio’s enterprise features, they can provide the application services their business users need. It also allows customers to set up multi-site environments for geo-distributed data or disaster recovery (DR), providing availability and guaranteed and accelerated access to applications and data.

Customers interested in purchasing the Melio 6 can contact their CSA or sales rep for more information. If you would like to evaluate Melio 6, you can download the software at http://www.citrix.com/downloads/melio.html.

Melio 6 is sold as a standalone and is not included with any other Citrix products. It is licensed per server (physical or virtual), accessing all or part of the shared storage pool. All existing Melio Enterprise customers with active support contracts will be eligible to upgrade to Melio 6 with ISA.

We look forward to working with you!

Eva Helén