Citrix and Amazon Web Services have been working together for nearly a decade, first as collaborators on the Xen Hypervisor and then on AWS as a platform for Citrix workloads.

Today our partnership with the industry’s largest cloud is stronger than ever. Join Citrix at AWS re:Invent – Las Vegas, October 6 – 9, 2015, to learn how our solutions, coupled with AWS, help your enterprise deliver optimized and secure applications over any network to any user device.

The long history and robust collaboration between our two companies pays important benefits for Citrix customers making the move to AWS. The interoperability with AWS of our flagship products—including XenApp, XenDesktop, NetScaler, CloudBridge, XenMobile and ShareFile—helps you capitalize more easily on AWS’s cost advantages, global footprint and virtually instant and unlimited scalability. Our extensive investments and partnership means you can count on reliable compatibility moving forward.

At re:Invent, we’ll showcase two solutions of particular importance for Citrix customers using AWS.

NetScaler and CloudBridge for enterprise applications on AWS. As you move to cloud computing and hybrid architectures, you must ensure your enterprise-grade SLAs and compliance requirements continue to be met. As data volumes and system complexity explode, you need a cost-effective way to ensure the security, manageability, performance and reliability of your hybrid cloud strategy. NetScaler and CloudBridge help you implement a secure, high-performance hybrid cloud between your datacenter and AWS to help you:

  • Gain network data packet-level visibility and control over all your user and application traffic to ensure that the right people have the data they need while keeping intruders at bay
  • Optimize application and service availability with global server load balancing, site-level load balancing and high availability across AWS Availability Zones and Regions
  • Strengthen security with an application firewall to block vulnerabilities including DDOS, SQL injection and cross-site scripting
  • Accelerate mobile application delivery by reducing load times and web page rendering times

Citrix Workspace Cloud. On-demand desktop, app, data and mobility services help people work better wherever they need to be productive. Citrix Workspace Cloud provides a cloud-based control plane to create user workspaces, and then deploy and manage them quickly and automatically on any infrastructure, on-premises or in the cloud, including AWS.

This unified Citrix cloud services platform lets IT create, deliver and manage a secure, seamless experience for apps—mobile, SaaS and Windows­—desktops, and documents on the devices today’s mobile users need. Citrix Workspace Cloud includes a service to centrally manage the Citrix products you already own and operate, and allows IT to choose from a variety of new service packages that provide increased flexibility to experiment, grow and address changing needs over time.

We’ve met with hundreds of customers in recent years who have been interested to understand how AWS cloud can accelerate and increase the ROI of Citrix projects. Recent examples include:

ditech Financial needed to modernize its IT infrastructure to increase business agility by bringing new services to market more quickly and efficiently. The company migrated the business applications and Citrix desktops serving more than 3,500 users to AWS. Beyond the anticipated cost savings, ditech has also benefitted from the ability to drive rapid innovation through Agile Engineering while enabling a more flexible and personalized work experience for its employees.

Kirin Brewing Company is a longtime Citrix customer in its on-premises datacenter in Japan. As part of its business continuity planning, the company has implemented XenApp desktop environments on an AWS overseas datacenter, enabling fast, cost-efficient disaster recovery to support uninterrupted business operations and user productivity.

Learn more about what the powerful combination of Citrix and AWS can do for your business. Meet us and experience the latest Citrix solutions and capabilities at re:Invent booth #741.