I’m sure you have all heard the adage: the only constant in this life is change.

In the infrastructure world, the word “change” can mean a period of excitement and innovation, but can also indicate a period of uncertainty. For tens of thousands of Citrix users and administrators, the classic experience of Web Interface (WI) and the Program Neighborhood (PN) has become a way of life. The breadth of customizations and unique ways that customers have made it their own never cease to amaze us.

When the next generation app store called Citrix StoreFront was first released, the big question for everyone was how to carry on the important customizations while adapting to the new experience.

Now in its third generation, Citrix StoreFront 3.0 does a fantastic job of maintaining backward compatibility with much-loved features from the PN Agent or the classic user interface, and placing control in the hands of administrators to introduce the new features or even the new look. Over 65 new JavaScript API’s and scores of other customization areas allow administrators to be in charge of their move from a simple “remote access” model to the larger mobile workplace. In any case, there is no better time than now to plan that migration away from Web Interface to StoreFront 3.0

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To help you in this seamless transition, we are producing lots of technical guides and training. A great starting point is this blog series by our CTO, Richard Hayton, which goes into the why and how of deploying the latest StoreFront and Receiver. There is a new on-demand course from Citrix Education that provides a deep-dive into StoreFront 3.0, and examines the nitty-gritty of the new features, as well as what you need to do for delivering a consistent experience to your users across any desktop or mobile device.

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The StoreFront course is available through our eLearning subscription. The subscription gives you access to over 20 different courses on virtualization, networking, or mobility. Click here to sign up for the eLearning Subscription for a low annual price of < $2 a day.

After all, there another adage that Citrix admins love: Knowledge is Power!

To get you started, here is a sneak peek at some of the customizations possible with StoreFront 3.0. This first video shows you how to switch from the Classic Storefront “Green Bubble” theme to the new unified StoreFront 3.0 theme and shows you your way around it.

Over the next few blogs in this series (links to which are below), you will some more of the ways to customize the new StoreFront 3.0 the way you want to, from the Storefront console itself. You will see how implement branding and appearance tweaks and how to propagate changes from one StoreFront server to the rest of the StoreFront servers in a server group.

  • Video 2 – Propagate changes made on one StoreFront server to the rest of the StoreFront servers in the server group.
  • Video 3 – Add custom logos to the login screen and header as well as change the header background color.
  • Video 4 – Advertise a set of applications to a specific set of users via Featured Application Groups.