This August, we made Citrix Workspace Cloud available as the new model to empower IT to deploy and manage the modern business workspace.

Citrix Workspace Cloud offers a cloud-based management platform that dramatically accelerates how IT can securely deliver the apps and data people need to do their jobs, while simplifying the process of managing workspace resources. We created this platform for businesses that face incredible pressure from the explosion of native mobile apps, cloud-based web applications, and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives that are straining conventional IT infrastructure to its breaking point.

Since launching Citrix Workspace Cloud and our first service packages in August, our technology evangelists have devoted pages of content to explaining how the service works along with the key benefits that are available today.

But enough about our view of the world. How are our customers using Citrix Workspace Cloud? Are they using it to solve business and operational problems? What other kinds of value can be created using this platform?

Fred Devoir is a senior architect and manager of IT infrastructure for Textron, a global company known for its aviation brands like Cessna, Beechcraft and Bell Helicopters. A longtime Citrix customer, Textron is carefully embracing a cloud-first IT infrastructure mindset while managing business applications and desktop workloads running on data centers and cloud environments around the world. Not surprisingly, managing those enterprise assets cloud across complex environments and worldwide locations – is difficult.

Citrix Workspace Cloud provides Devoir and his IT organization with a common management platform that spans across the company’s locations, but while enabling the team to provide a common user experience that is simple and easy for people to use. Textron is demonstrating how Citrix Workspace Cloud can simplify how IT organizations manage complex and geographically dispersed IT infrastructure assets.

As the director for university information technology services at Indiana University, Duane Shau has been delivering applications and desktops to more than 65,000 students and faculty for more than five years, and his team of IT administrators have become experts at designing, deploying and managing those workspace environments. Schau sees tremendous demand from other Midwestern educational institutions to deploy digital workspaces, but also notes that the IT organizations are frequently overwhelmed by the perceived complexities related to app and desktop delivery.

With Citrix Workspace Cloud, Schau sees an opportunity to capture Indiana University expertise in app and desktop delivery in Citrix Lifecycle Management blueprints, which pre-define the infrastructure, settings and optimizations that are customized for university deployments. Using those blueprints, Schau and his IT organization see a market for providing application and desktop services to other universities, rolling out digital workspaces in preconfigured environments on-demand.

It’s a vision that reduces the cost of providing apps, desktops and IT resources to students and faculty, while giving people the resources they need to educate students and prepare the next generation of business and technology leaders.

Citrix channel partners are also exploring Citrix Workspace Cloud and its potential to serve new types of customers and create new revenue streams.

For example, Randy Kearn from Choice Solutions, LLC likes the ability for Citrix Workspace Cloud to rapidly deploy the Citrix control environment, so the solutions provider can then really focus on what matters to the business: delivering applications and desktops to end users.

He also envisions Citrix Workspace Cloud making it possible for solutions providers to serve smaller smaller organizations with limited IT staff and resources. Though the Citrix Workspace Cloud control plane, which is always updated with the latest version, IT administrators no longer have to worry about patching and updating of the environment and can again focus on the business value of the solution, the applications and desktops. In this way, the platform allows IT to do more with less.

How can Citrix Workspace Cloud help your business? What kinds of operational problems are you trying to solve?

Nothing compares with seeing and trying it for yourself—and envisioning how you’ll be able to use it in your own organization.

You’ve waited long enough for a better way to deliver full business mobility. Visit to learn more.