Feature Pack 3 for XenApp and XenDesktop 7.6 is now available on Citrix.com for customers with active Software Maintenance (SWM) or Subscription Advantage (SA) as of Sept 21st, 2015. This new feature pack empowers Citrix customers to rapidly embrace and adopt Windows 10 in the enterprise, while also providing innovative user experience and security enhancements that address the broadest range of application and desktop delivery use cases.

Feature Pack 3 for XenApp and XenDesktop 7.6 enables IT to:

  • Accelerate the deployment of Windows 10 for the enterprise: The new Windows Workstation Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA) enables IT to easily deploy Windows 10 virtual desktops across a multitude of new and legacy devices distributed throughout the enterprise. Windows 10 virtual desktops delivered by Citrix XenDesktop radically simplifies the operating system migration process by centralizing the delivery to all employees while streamlining ongoing maintenance and future operating system updates.
  • Deliver instant access to business apps from new Windows 10 devices: XenDesktop, including the full power of XenApp, ensures employees remain productive and avoid timely operating system migration challenges when opting to upgrade to Windows 10. By virtualizing your business apps with XenApp, employees can leverage Citrix Receiver for Windows 10 for instant access to mission-critical apps from any existing or new Windows 10 device.
  • Streamline the app migration process to Windows 10: To move existing Windows apps to Windows 10, IT can use Citrix AppDNA 7.6.5 to help automate and analyze application compatibility and remediate any issues, thereby reducing the cost and complexity of application upgrades, migrations and updates by as much as 90 percent.
  • Balance high-definition user performance and environment scalability: Powerful, low-cost user performance enhancements enable IT to balance the demands of a high-definition user display with XenApp and XenDesktop server scalability. New next generation Thinwire technology, now enables IT to deliver a high-definition user experience to new and legacy devices (e.g. thin clients) without impacting server scalability, making the industry-leading remote access experience better than ever before.
  • Simplify user experience policy configuration by use case: Newly improved HDX Policy Templates make it easy for admins to fine-tune the user experience and associated HDX policies based on specific use case requirements such as security and control, graphics performance, and environment scalability. A new set of pre-configured HDX templates—based on years of customer feedback—ensures the optimal configurations are available for any administrator.
  • Enhance the printing experience from any device: Network printers are a cost effective way for IT to deliver printing services to a large group of employees; however, managing a multitude of print drivers is a daunting task. XenApp and XenDesktop include the Universal Print Server, now available for Server 2012R2 and client support for Windows 10, to radically improve the printing experience by up to 2x, promote the stability of the printing environment with self-healing diagnostics and evaluate your print drivers’ performance with new load testing tools.
  • Accelerate smart card user logons by 25%: Time is of the essence when healthcare workers need fast access to patient information, financial employees need to execute time-sensitive transactions or government employees whose every task requires PIV/CAC card authentication. Now XenApp and XenDesktop further expedites the user logon process for employees who depend on smart card identification for access to the virtual applications and desktops that provide mission-critical information.
  • Improved administrative control over device security and performance: XenApp and XenDesktop can now detect if a device has been jailbroken and Restrict Access from Jailbroken Devices (coming in October). Moreover, a new HDX MediaStream Video Fallback Prevention Policy enables admins to prevent XenApp and XenDesktop from falling back to server-side media rendering to help preserve server scalability. Also, HDX MediaStream can compare client and server Flash version before rendering Flash content to ensure compatibility. With these new policies, admins will have enhanced control over the security and performance of their environment.
  • Enable a paperless, virtual workplace with drawing tablets: Extending the capabilities of a paperless, virtual workplace with high definition support for drawing tablets enables designers and signature-dependent businesses—such as finance and banking customers—to bring the pen-to-screen experience of Wacom® drawing/signature tablets to virtual applications and desktops. When used in conjunction with a virtual smart card, signatures can be digitally signed with an associated certificate for enhanced authority.

As the third feature pack release for XenApp and XenDesktop 7.6 this year, this release showcases the Citrix commitment to deliver innovative new features and solution value to customers from our industry-leading application and desktop virtualization products.

Download the feature pack today with your MyAccount on Citrix.com and learn more about Feature Pack 3 during our What’s New in Feature Pack 3 webinar on October 14th.