For a long time, Citrix has offered XenDesktop as an effective way to reduce app and desktop management costs – and our customers agree.

In a recent survey, we asked customers what are the primary benefits achieved with XenDesktop. 93% reported “reduced cost of app, desktop and device management,” or “reduced overall IT costs.”

techvalidate-xendesktop-results-costAfter reviewing all of their comments, it’s clear that they are realizing these savings with XenDesktop due to:

  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Reduced PC refresh costs
  • Increased employee productivity

Below you can see how XenDesktop provides these benefits and what customers have to say about it.

Improved operational efficiency

In the survey, we see “improved operational efficiency” at the top of the benefits list along with cost savings. This makes sense because, after all, saved time equals saved money. For example, XenDesktop allows customers to create a single master image for all virtual desktops. That means they only need to make OS or application updates to that one image instead of locally on every employee’s machine. Plus, if there’s an issue you can manage it from the datacenter—the employee doesn’t need to make a trip to IT or vice versa. Customers report common application and desktop management tasks used to take days, and now with XenDesktop, it takes just minutes.

“Previously it would take between 2 to 3 days to deploy servers or workstations. Now it takes between 5 and 10 minutes.”
Senior WorkSpace Virtualization Specialist, Global Fleet Management Company

“We can setup a new users in about 15 minutes, restore a crash computer in 15 minutes, and migrate an application to over 200 computers in about an hour.”
Stephane Goulet, ICT Network Administrator, AFT Aikawa Group

“No longer needing to update hundreds of physical servers and thousands of physical desktops. XenDesktop has saved us thousands of man hours.”
IT Architect, Multi-campus Hospital System

Reduced PC refresh costs

The tradition of replacing a physical PC every three years is both expensive and time-consuming. With XenDesktop existing PCs can be repurposed as thin clients, rather than being replaced, to save both capital and operating expenses. In fact, 49% of customers reported using XenDesktop to do just that. Multiple customers shared that they are saving by using low-cost thin clients or repurposing outdated PCs, including one healthcare customer that is saving “20 to 30% on the cost of new laptops and desktop computers.” When you are no longer spending time and budget on PC refresh, your resources are available to focus on more strategic issues.

“Deploying VDI using a Wyse terminal saves us around $200 per workstation.”
Network Architect, Municipality

Reduced the number of desktops by 80% and increased productivity by enabling remote access for users”
IT Manager, Medium Enterprise Healthcare Company

Reduced the Capex of laptops replacement/refreshment, warranty cost and software licensing requirements.”
IT Manager, Hospitality Company

Increased employee productivity

The productivity gains extend beyond those in IT. In an increasingly mobile world, employees are working on their phone, tablet, home computer—really any device they can get their hands on. XenDesktop provides employees seamless access to the same desktop and apps, no matter what device they’re using. That means employees stay productive and have the flexibility they need for both work and life. This is also important for maintaining business continuity when employees can’t get to the office, like when that first major snowstorm hits.

“We have empowered end-users by allowing them to no longer be chained to the desk…by adding the concept of mobility to varying job-types, we have improved efficiency and morale, while not having to sacrifice security.”
Jim Dirkes, Sr. Systems Engineer, Medical University of South Carolina

“Without Citrix XenDesktop, the Bank would be exposed to unquantifiable revenue loss, loss of productive working hours.”
Network Administrator, Large Enterprise Bank

So how are you saving with XenDesktop? Let us know in the comments and see to learn more.