What do mobility, security, and business agility have in common? No, it is not simply that they all end in “ity” … nice try. Instead, these three words are major business initiatives for most CIOs. Don’t take our word for it. Look at the recent 2015 Gartner CIO Agenda Report where they discuss the top CIO investment priorities for 2015.

Citrix Garner Symposium

When I think of these three initiatives, I think of transformation. Organizations that achieve full mobility will unlock huge potential in their workforce and drive business growth; organizations that adopt a philosophy to protect and control application and data access across locations, networks and devices can address privacy, compliance and risk management priorities without compromising end-user productivity; and organizations that realize true business agility will be ready to adapt to changes, like mergers and acquisition, globalization, and facilities and infrastructure changes in real time.

In short, organizations that embrace these initiatives are transforming their business. And this changes everything.

Next week, thousands of IT executives are gathering in Orlando, FL for Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2015 to discuss Digital Business. And Gartner has a single question for attendees: Are you ready to rise to the challenge?

Let the answer be yes! And let Citrix help you meet and exceed that challenge.

At Symposium, Citrix will be presenting three sessions that will help you get started. Mark your calendar for:

  • Session 1: Innovative healthcare organizations are streamlining workflows without compromising patient data led by Christian Boucher and Ben Wilson, Citrix Healthcare Evangelists. This session is Monday at 3:30PM in Asia 1 and will discuss how healthcare organizations use Citrix solutions to improve productivity, increase satisfaction, and enhance security of apps and data.
  • Session 2: Secure Mobile Computing for Today’s Generation led by Scott Lane, Citrix Enterprise Architect. This session is Monday at 6:40PM on the ITxpo show floor in Theater C and will showcase how to deliver secure access to apps and data from traditional, cloud and hybrid infrastructures.
  • Session 3: How to Get Ready For Your Workplace Redesign led by Michael McKiernan, Citrix VP of Business Technology. This session is Tuesday at 10:30AM in Asia 2 and will discuss how Citrix and other companies have redesigned their workplace facilities to uncouple it from headcount, to provide various work settings, and to provide employees freedom to work anywhere.

In addition, stop by Booth #16 and talk with Citrix experts about how our market-leading virtualization, mobility and networking solutions have helped more than 100 million people globally change everything about their business, from where people work to the way they work together. You will see how it is possible to:

Then, tell your favorite Gartner analyst: “I am ready to rise to the challenge and transform my business with Citrix”

It will change everything!

P.S. At the booth, we will have drawings each day for a Citrix Tech Package, consisting of an Apple iPad with a Citrix X1 mouse (the only mouse that works with a tablet), an Apple Watch, and a Star Wars BB-8 App-Enabled Droid by Sphero – yes, we are all geeks at heart 🙂