The pursuit of either breadth or depth has been a topic of many debates – a charge to be exposed to a range of experiences can be as equally strong as one that majors on the ability to dig much deeper into one specific experience.

Citrix has introduced a way for our partners to not only go deeper within a particular technology but also to add breadth by expand the portfolio to include other technologies as well.

Citrix Specializations offer a new path to success

Partners have the ability to specialize in Virtualization, Mobility Management, Networking for Apps & Mobile Security and Networking for Data Center.

This new path doesn’t force an age old debate but lends itself to achieving both in a way that is recognized in the marketplace.

Advantages run the gamut from financial rewards to exclusive practice development content and stronger engagement with Citrix Sales.

For example, a partner who is a Virtualization specialist should pursue the Networking for Data Center or Networking for Apps & Mobile Security specialization.

Since we launched Citrix Specializations at Summit in January over 1,000 partners have begun their journey to achieving the new designations.

Our partners are writing a new narrative electing to pursue not just one (depth) but multiple (breadth) Citrix specialist designations ranging across the entire portfolio.

Competitive Advantage

A partner who specializes in multiple areas portrays a higher level of credibility to the customer and establishes more confidence in our Citrix sales team to continue to pull in such a partner on deals.

Multiple designations also promote the ability of our partners to have broader conversations with customers, introducing new avenues of opportunity.

It’s no wonder that over 60 percent of our current Citrix Specialist partners have achieved two or more designations.

If you haven’t already begun your journey to Citrix Specializations now is the time. If you have already achieved designation in one area consider expanding your portfolio today. Become a Citrix Specialist and accelerate your business with greater rewards and more-satisfied customers.

Step up to Specialist:

Learn about requirements and benefits by visiting Citrix Specialist and view the new Citrix Partner Incentives deck.

As you meet the specialization requirements, or if you’re not sure where you are (many partners are closer than they think) track your progress through the Specialist Progress Manager tool.

If you’re not yet a Citrix partner, join the Citrix Partner Network today and start reaping the rewards!

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