Citrix Insight Services provides you with an intuitive and robust way to diagnose problems — all by yourself — without having to call tech support. All you need are your My Citrix credentials.

As a part of your self-diagnosis, CIS provides users with some key reports. These include:

  1. Health Check Summary: This comprehensive report that lists and describes all the problems that were detected in the diagnostic data. The problem descriptions also contain hotfix recommendations and links to KB articles.
  2. Environment Report: A simple yet comprehensive report that lists all the key components and servers in your environment.
  3. Citrix Hotfix Summary: This is a list of all the hotfixes in your environment. CIS also allows you to compare servers and identify the ones that don’t have the relevant hotfix.
  4. Best Practice Recommendations – Citrix has a core team of engineers continually working to optimize Citrix deployments for the myriad deployment models and verticals we support. Make sure your environment is inline and optimized based on the latest best practices from the Citrix experts.

Citrix releases new diagnostics into CIS on a daily basis. Keep coming back on a weekly basis to ensure you are up to date with the latest and greatest.

Citrix has made self-diagnosis so simple, that it takes a this simple 2-minute video to explain it. We welcome you to try out this feature and send us your feedback.

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