Citrix has released its new AppDisk Technology Preview and it is available for download TODAY!  

You can find it here: you’ve not heard of AppDisks before, here is a quick overview to get you up to speed: /blogs/?p=174212510

For those interested in taking a more active role in their evaluation, our Customer Experience research team is looking for people to give in depth feedback on features included in this Technology Preview (including a few things beyond AppDisks). If you would like to become a more integral part of the tech preview experience and help Citrix refine and improve its technology going forward, then by taking this survey you may be selected to be one of these valuable contributors.

Some of the benefits from participating in the program include:

• Providing product feedback to product team before product ships
• Engaging the product teams with ideas & use cases to steer future product direction

While we would like to include every interested customer in this program, we do have limited space available.

That’s why we ask you to take a survey to assist us in the selection process: On completion of the survey you will be notified within a week if you’ve been selected.

Thanks in advance for your valuable time and interest.