How do SMBs benefit from Desktops-as-a-Service (DaaS), hosted by a Citrix Service Provider? DaaS can bring a SMB many benefits: security, agility, flexibility and also a great image in front of clients.

The Citrix Service Provider team has gathered end-user stories in a series of Desktops-as-a-Service case studies. These real stories highlight decision makers and their explanations of how they benefit from hosted services delivered by Citrix Service Providers.

Here are 7 real ways small and mid-sized businesses are benefiting from Citrix-based hosted applications, desktops, mobility and file sharing.

  1. Flexibility to work anywhere. “If I’m going on an estate planning visit, I have access to all my files, just like I would in the office,” says Rodney Bledsoe, chief development officer, The Baptist Foundation of Alabama, providing estate planning services. “Just as important, I can use a personal device like a home laptop, iPad or smartphone to access my files as well, and I don’t have to worry about compromising the security of our clients’ data. That’s been especially helpful for one of our staff members who is a new mom because it’s easy for her to work from home on her own computer.”
  2. Powerful impression when selling to clients. “It used to be difficult to show PowerPoint presentations to clients when I was on the road,” says Brandon Stringer, CFO, CPC Project Services, a London-based project management and business consulting firm specializing in the transportation, real estate, local government, health and education sectors. “Now I can do it on my iPad, no problem. That alone makes a big impression because most people don’t expect to see a full-featured Microsoft Office application on an iOS device.”
  3. Longer cycles between hardware replacements. “Because we’re running virtual desktops, our architects can use a midrange workstation,” says Kent Chalmers, national IT manager at dwp|suters, a leading architecture and interior design firm in Australia.    “Not too long ago I considered upgrading 20 of our workstations to a more advanced model, and that was entirely to alleviate some of our CAD workload issues. Doing that would’ve cost AUS$14,000 a head, a total of AUS$280,000. XenApp solves that problem, which means we can put those dollars to better use.”
  4. Time and energy to focus on business. “Like everyone in the company, we don’t understand much of informatics – the less we hear about it, the better we can focus on our core competencies,” says Geoffroy Timmermans, head of business development, Belgium-based chocolate producer and distributor Pierre Marcolini Haute Chocolaterie, known for exquisite chocolates found in fine boutiques. “We can now focus on producing and making chocolate.”
  5. Peace of mind during natural disasters. “I’m certain that had we not been using virtual desktops and had a bunch of equipment housed locally, I’d be a lot more concerned about things that could potentially ruin our business,” says Denise Duysen, CMPE, Practice Administrator for Rocky Mountain Primary Care, a full-range healthcare services provider who kept business running during devastating Colorado floods in September 2013. “But to be honest, it just never ever crossed our minds.”
  6. Relief from time-consuming IT management. “We didn’t want to spend our time managing servers, applications and workstations internally,” says Tom Hood, chief executive of Maryland Association of Certified Public Accountants, a professional association providing training in accounting, business management and business transformation to CPAs in Maryland and the United States. “Instead, we wanted to free up our time and energy to work on business-process improvements and build new lines of business.”
  7. Simplicity for office relocations. While office moves don’t happen every day, hosted services can make office moves easier. “We moved from our old office to a new office in two hours; the computers haven’t skipped a beat. The desks were set up, we walked in with computer monitors and personal items like desk photos, then started working—and billing—in just two hours,” says Matt Fargo, partner at Kurtz Fargo LLP, a boutique accounting firm based in Colorado. “There were no servers to move, no team of IT people needed. We had nothing to move, it was so easy.”

Read more about any of these end user Desktops-as-a-Service case studies on our website and learn more about the powerful results from SMBs using hosted apps, desktops, mobility and file sharing.

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