Making money as a service provider is dependent on finding customers. Entrepreneurs see the opportunity in hosting and start a hosted services business, build a strong technical implementation following the Citrix Service Provider Reference Architecture, but now need more sales and marketing help to grow the business. Managed service providers want to add Desktops-as-a-Service (DaaS) to their offerings, but are unsure which current customers might purchase.

But there is good news! The Citrix Service Provider program isn’t just about technology licenses. The Citrix Service Provider Partner Program provides end-to-end technology, business, and marketing support to thousands of service provider partners worldwide.

We’ve been tracking the trends around service provider marketing– and watching technology industry marketing changes. Here are 3 key marketing trends for what’s in and what’s out for DaaS marketing.

1)      Cold calling is out

In 2015, I’m always surprised to see hosted services businesses using cold calling to find new clients—yet industry surveys say it happens more often than you think. In an age where users have researched up to 70% of a purchase before they even speak to a vendor, and where the internet is a key source for buyers, it’s essential for Citrix Service Providers to spend time driving visibility to attract buyers, creating content to educate buyers and calls to action that move the buyers along in the sales process.

All Citrix Service Providers have no-charge access to Citrix Marketing IQ – a pre-loaded campaign system for email efforts, in-person events and more. Quickly and easily build Desktops-as-a-Service specific go-to-market campaigns that will help you build your business and increase your pipeline and opportunities .

Best news yet – MarketingIQ is fast and easy to learn. A Citrix Service Provider shared the story of a salesperson setting up a campaign about hosted desktops before a winter storm hit the area. The campaign was setup and run in a very short time – and generated many new leads from customers interested in keeping business moving through adverse weather conditions.

Trade days of cold calling for just an hour or two of campaign management and see better results.

2)      Content marketing is in

Blogs, white papers, infographics, videos, checklists, ebooks – what do you use to evaluate a major purchase? Odds are your customers are doing the same thing – researching online with the materials you provide via your website, thought leadership and social media channels.

Citrix has done the work for you. Find ready-made marketing resources where you can add your logo and contact information, then use to drive interest.

See the Citrix (partner only) resources, customizable marketing resources like an educational video explaining hosted desktops, a hosted apps and desktops brochure, a press release template, a workshifting white paper, customer-facing sales presentation and more.

Educate your audiences quickly with pre-made Citrix resources.

3)      Sales enablement is always in

If you’ve followed the marketing tactics and used Citrix tools, you’ll have leads to call.  Educate your sales team with pre-created Citrix resources on Citrix SalesIQ. Find DaaS selling and positioning information, industry background and more to arm your salesteam for success.

Visual learner? Absorb how to position and demo a Desktops-as-a-Service officering with the educational video Citrix Desktops-as-a-Service and Hosted Workspaces Demo.

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Service providers can learn more about marketing a DaaS offering in a recorded webinar I was pleased to present last month with our highly engaged service providers. We cover some of my favorite topics- inbound marketing, using content marketing to drive net-new leads, and the high value of social media marketing.

I shared real examples of service providers using inbound marketing to drive their customer and reseller channel.

The webinar also covers how to structure, build and enable your reseller channel with emphasis on sales acceleration, marketing excellence and operational efficiencies.

View the recorded webinar: Best marketing, demand gen and sales tactics for service providers

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