ShareFile is seeing tremendous momentum in enterprise deployments using on-premises StorageZones. Last week, we extended this momentum to Citrix Service Providers by releasing the Multi-Tenant StorageZones Controller. Multi-Tenant StorageZones enable Citrix Service Providers to create, deploy and host highly secure and scalable ShareFile deployments for their tenants.

With ShareFile, our vision has always been to empower businesses to deploy a File Sync & Share product that meets their performance, economic and compliance requirements. This is the driving principle that resulted in the genesis of the StorageZone technology. StorageZones create the ability to store enterprise data in the most optimal locations and connect seamlessly to existing data sources such as network shares, SharePoint or any other ECM system with the ‘StorageZone Connectors’.

The ability to protect the data that’s most important to customer’s business inside their own data centers while delivering a cloud based user experience that is always up-to-date, makes ShareFile the most secure and user friendly solution in the market.

 Advantages of using a multi-tenant zone:

  • Host one multi-tenant standard StorageZone on your own subdomain and support an unlimited number of tenants. Maintain a single storage repository for all tenants.
  • Provide each tenant with a unique ShareFile account and leverage all the great ShareFile features such as custom branding, file retention preferences and security settings.
  • Onboard new customers faster and reduce the cost and management complexity of creating a separate StorageZone for each customer account
  • Use the ShareFile Tenant Management dashboard to centralize tracking and reporting of resources consumed by each tenant.

For you techies, I’ve provided some information on how it works:

The complete multi-tenant solution consists of 4 core parts; a partner account, a multi-tenant StorageZone, tenant accounts and a tenant management page.

1. Partner Account

This is the ShareFile subdomain owned and operated by the Citrix Service Provider responsible for delivering the ShareFile service to their customers (represented by in the picture above). The partner account becomes the holding account that will host the multi-tenant StorageZone and will be used to manage all your tenants.

2. Multi-Tenant StorageZone

A multi-tenant StorageZone registered to a partner account is capable of acting as a designated StorageZone for multiple tenant accounts.

3. Tenant Account

Tenant accounts are unique ShareFile subdomains provided to each customer that the Citrix Service Provider wishes to onboard (represented by,, in the picture above). The tenant accounts allow partners to provide customized services such as custom branding, file retention policies, SSO etc. while leveraging the Multi-Tenant StorageZone as a central file storage location for all tenants.

4. Tenant Management

The tenant management page is available in the partner account and provides partner administrators a centralized dashboard to check status on all the tenants in the multi-tenant StorageZone. This page will allow you to view all tenants linked to your partner account, and see the license consumption, default StorageZone and storage consumption for each tenant.

Citrix Service Providers using the Cloud Portal Service Manager will also be able provision and manage users and folders into ShareFile accounts configured using the Multi-Tenant StorageZones.

This solution enables service providers to build an offering that

  • Scales with their business by streamlining new tenant onboarding
  • Reduces cost by consolidating infrastructure
  • Simplifies management via a centralized dashboard

We are incredibly excited to work with all our service providers to provide a secure file sharing service to the thousands of customers whose business they enable.  To install and set up a Multi-tenant StorageZone, refer to the installation instructions located on our Global Customer Support portal:

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