What have our early customers and partners been saying about Citrix Workspace Cloud? Plenty!

One of my favorite moments of being part of the launch of Citrix Workspace Cloud was the being able to sit off-camera, as we captured Citrix tech preview customer and partner reactions to this new platform. When they walked into the room, their excitement to talk about Workspace Cloud was evident, and I was impressed with the care they took in their words to describe their experiences.

I encourage you to watch each of the videos to hear thoughts–transparent and unfettered–on Workspace Cloud from real Citrix tech preview users. You’ll be glad you did. Citrix Customer Insight: Workspace Cloud – a common, robust experience for end users

Managing assets in multiple enterprise data centers and cloud asset data centers – across complex environments and worldwide locations – is difficult. Workspace Cloud not only gives Fred Devoir, Senior Architect and Manager – IT Infrastructure, Textron, a common management platform across disparate and discrete asset locations, but also a common user experience that is simple and easy for end users to use. Textron and its end users could benefit from Workspace Cloud as a single point of access to apps and desktops in a rich, robust IT administration environment.

My favorite quote:What Citrix Workspace Cloud is giving me is not only a common management platform, common management plane for these disparate and discrete assets, but also a common user experience across all of the different applications and desktops that I’m delivering to my end users.” – Fred Devoir, Senior Architect and Manager – IT Infrastructure, Textron

Global alliance partner view:
The Flexible Solution for Implementing Cloud-based Workspaces – Workspace Cloud

IBM knows client workspace needs vary, with resources located in the cloud, on-premises or served out of a third party application. Pat Bolton, IBM Distinguished Engineer and CTO, IBM Global Technology Services, highlights the flexibility of Workspace Cloud to take the right use case and segment of users and quickly and easily deploy them into the cloud. She also explains how Workspace Cloud gives choices to help meet client needs regardless of the location of resources – while considering and addressing data sovereignty, privacy and security needs within a coherent control plane.

My favorite quote: “Today with the complexity of client’s workspaces, they are still faced with the challenges of data sovereignty, privacy and security. Citrix Workspace Cloud allows us to consider those business needs, and stitch together the right use cases in a coherent and easy to access control plane and enables us to more easily deploy a client workspace that meets those business needs.” – Pat Bolton, IBM Distinguished Engineer and CTO, IBM Global Technology Services

Global alliance partner view:
Embracing Cloud Now with Workspace Cloud

Implementing complete cloud desktops often results in complexity for customers due to multiple integration points. Nicholas Lee, Head of Global Offerings, End-User Services, Fujitsu shares that Citrix Workspace Cloud provides a scalable solution by giving customers a single access point to consumer integrated cloud-based services – resulting in less complexity and a more seamless customer experience. Workspace Cloud gives Fujitsu faster delivery of innovation to the market as well as services differentiation while simplifying the setup process for customers.

My favorite quote: “In terms of our roadmap, the things that we were planning to do in 2016, are things that I’m going to start doing this year because of Citrix Workspace Cloud. It accelerates my vision in terms of the roadmap. It allows us to bring more innovation to the market in a quicker amount of time, because I don’t have to spend this year actually developing a common platform.” – Nicholas Lee, Head of Global Offerings, End-User Services, Fujitsu

Partner view:
Workspace Cloud – simple, scalable and reliable

Administering customers’ multiple data centers can be painful. Dane Young, Virtualization Practice Manager, Entisys Solutions explains that Workspace Cloud provides a high-level, broadstroke approach to multiple data centers – one portal, one interface to administer. The “very reliable, very scalable” Workspace Cloud architecture enables choice and flexibility for identifying and designing the best deployment for each organization – resulting in quicker, more agile implementation of new solutions and speeding customer time-to-value.

My favorite quote:The architecture of Citrix Workspace Cloud is very reliable, very scalable. The control plane exists in the cloud, and the customer has the choice of having their resources either on premise or cloud-based as well, so that gives the customer a lot of choice and a lot of flexibility for identifying and designing what is best for their organization in terms of the placement of those resources.” – Dane Young, Virtualization Practice Manager, Entisys Solutions

Bonus videos!

I absolutely love hearing in each Citrix partner and customer tech preview testimonial that they believe Workspace Cloud is going to enable people to work better. Hear why they are excited about the new ways that Workspace Cloud will help them enable business productivity: Workspace Cloud: Enabling People to Work Better.

One of the coolest part of each Citrix partner and customer tech preview testimonial is that all individuals highlighted something that really wows them about Workspace Cloud. From a top notch user experience to the convenience of built-in blueprints, see what elements of Workspace Cloud are “wowing” Citrix partners and customers: The “Wow” Factor of Citrix Workspace Cloud: Partners and Customers Speak Out.

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