We know our technology is unrivaled and as part of our “work better, live better” mantra, we want our partners to share our tech far and wide. One of the ways we do that is baking in partner incentives as part of our global plan to be the best business for Citrix partners to work with.

We have a variety of incentives designed to drive your success and make your business more profitable – take advantage of them!

Rack Up Rewards

Selling Citrix app and desktop virtualization can provide additional financial rewards for partners that use the Citrix Advisor Rewards (CAR) incentive program. Partners with a validated CAR can receive big rebates based on the PSRP of the products sold.

In comparison, without CAR, partners realize a gross margin based on the products and services resold, along with the gross margin based on any partner consulting services sold to the customer.

Earn More on Every Deal

Plus Citrix Specialists in Virtualization with a validated CAR can receive a CAR Specialist bonus percentage of the base CAR reward on all virtualization products sold, in addition to CAR Plus, a sweet upfront discount. (Details here.)

Best of all, with a validated CAR, partners that invest in the value-added selling process are protected and will receive the CAR backend rebate even if they do not fulfill the order.

Get started

To take advantage of CAR, use the Leads and Rewards tool to create, submit and monitor your CAR incentive registration and submit your claim after the order is placed with Citrix.

If you’re not yet a Citrix Specialist, get started on your journey now. Check out the requirements you need to get specialized with the Specialist Progress Manager tool – many partners are closer than they realize!

Stay in the know

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