Citrix Workspace Cloud has the power and the vision to capture your attention – and your imagination. IT professionals and partners from around the globe are discovering the most innovative, fastest and easiest way to enable business productivity with cloud-based management and secure delivery of apps and data.

Yesterday, in 2 webinars and the Citrix Channel News webinar, we were thrilled to see so many users and partners engaged and thinking about how to apply subscription, cloud-based services to centralize and simplify the design and deployment of virtual apps and desktops, mobility management and secure file sharing solutions, no matter where they are deployed.

New technology does provoke questions – and we’d like to answer some of the top webinar questions in the Citrix blogs to help everyone learn more about the opportunity with Workspace Cloud.

1. What is the Connector called that connects a customer’s private datacenter with the management pieces hosted in Workspace Cloud? Workspace Cloud Connector is a newly developed Citrix technology. The Workspace Cloud Connector is an easy to install software component deployed on a Windows Server that connects with your Microsoft Active Directory, orchestrates provisioning within the Resource Location, allowing users and resources to be managed by Workspace Cloud. Read more about the cloud connector here.

2. How does StoreFront work with Workspace Cloud – will my user URL be different? The App and Desktop Service within Workspace Cloud provides the option of using a Citrix-managed, cloud-hosted StoreFront or a customer-managed StoreFront.  Depending on which solution you choose, the StoreFront URL could be different for end users.

3. Do I only need StoreFront or is NetScaler involved, too? The Applications and Desktop service includes StoreFront and an ICA proxy (based on NetScaler). For additional NetScaler features, an existing or new NetScaler VPX can be used. Our Citrix Solutions Lab recently published a reference architecture which details StoreFront and NetScaler usage within an on-premises Resource Location here.

4. Is 3D support included to run 3D apps? Can the App and Desktop Service support GPU cards from NVIDIA to handle the application GPU requirements? Yes, 3D applications are supported, just like in XenApp and XenDesktop today, depending on the infrastructure technology chosen for the Resource Location. Read more about the Applications and Desktop service here.

5. Who is the owner of the license on the cloud? Are there any Microsoft license requirements?  There are a range of services available in Workspace Cloud; the subscription packages include the rights to the Workspace Cloud platform, installable Citrix components (VDA, StoreFront, etc.) and the rights for users to connect. Cloud capacity for Resource Locations is purchased separately from cloud vendors. Microsoft OS and application licenses are purchased separately from your usual vendor.

6. Where does the Workspace Cloud control plane live? People have asked if Workspace Cloud “lives” in the Citrix datacenters or offices. No, it does not.  The “engine” of Workspace Cloud and the Workspace Services are built on leading public clouds. Resources managed by Workspace Cloud can run on a variety of clouds and/or existing private datacenter infrastructure as chosen by the customer.

7. Where are the Workspace Cloud servers located?  Are they placed such that an end user gets the same performance regardless of their location globally? User experience will be determined by user proximity to the customer’s chosen Resource Locations. Resource Locations can be on any public or private cloud, on-premises, or in a hybrid model, so geographic locations are determined by the customer. Customers have flexibility to choose the setup that works best for their users. Read more about Resource Locations here.

8. Where can I see a Workspace Cloud demo? There are 2 ways to see a demo of Workspace Cloud- recorded or live in your own hands. See the Workspace Cloud video playlist for complete videos, including this 3 minute Workspace Cloud overview demo and a 3 part video series with Gunnar Berger, who explains how to set up your first workspace. Experience Workspace Cloud yourself and deploy actual workspaces with a Workspace Cloud Test Drive, then register for a trial if you’re ready to start a proof of concept or pilot of cloud-based workspaces.

9. Who has been using Workspace Cloud so far – customers, partners? Workspace Cloud was in tech preview since late 2014 and since then, literally hundreds of customers and partners have experienced the unique control-plane architecture that keeps IT in control.  With Workspace Cloud, IT now has the choice and flexibility to locate and manage workloads in the datacenter, preferred public clouds, private clouds – or in a hybrid combination. The Workspace Cloud video playlist includes videos from great partner and customer tech preview users, watch their full videos or see a 3 minute summary that includes their thoughts on how Workspace Cloud enables people to work better.

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