As a marketing agency, your clients expect you to know everything about marketing and business in the digital world. That might seem like a tall order, but there’s an easy way to show your customers that you understand technology and their business.

You can even generate income from an adjacent revenue stream during the normal course of your customer meetings. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? But it really is that simple.

It’s easy to earn adjacent revenue by becoming a Citrix SaaS Advisor. In just five minutes, during the course of your usual conversations with customers and prospects about their inbound marketing automation needs, you simply ask your customer a few questions about their additional technology needs. By suggesting a Citrix product to fill their needs, you’re on your way to earning additional money. You don’t have to sell the product—we do that for you. All you do is register the lead.

The suite of SaaS products from Citrix has an industry leading online application for a variety of business purposes. Here’s a quick look at what we have to offer.

GoToMeeting enables simple, online meetings with group video conferencing in high definition. No complicated equipment is necessary. Users can share screens, whiteboard ideas and speak naturally. No wonder GoToMeeting leads the industry in online collaboration tools.

Podio is a collaboration platform that enables people and even entire teams to work together the way they want to work in a social setting.

GoToWebinar empowers anyone to host their own webinars. They can reach large audiences, track registration and attendance and communicate effectively with professional, wide-reaching events.

GoToTraining allows trainers to conduct interactive online training with up to 200 participants at a time, even in multiple locations.

OpenVoice Audio provides high quality conference calling at an affordable price, as well as providing toll-free audio services that work with the suite of GoTo collaboration products.

GoToMyPC allows users to access and work on a PC or Mac remotely from any browser.

ShareFile is a secure, business-class file and content sharing solution.

GoToAssist provides remote support, service desk and monitoring tools to enable IT professionals and support teams to provide technical assistance from anywhere.

RightSignature is an e-signature solution that works with any browser or device. Signers don’t need an account to provide signatures.

Nearly every business, regardless of size or industry, will have a need for one or more of these tools. GoToWebinar, for example, is a natural adjunct to digital marketing tools, enabling companies to expand their reach and to reuse content. GoToMeeting is another no-brainer/natural fit, allowing remote teams to discuss and brainstorm new collateral or campaign ideas. ShareFile and Podio enhance the collaborative experience and help teams work together more effectively.

An adjacent revenue stream from the Citrix Referral program can be very lucrative. In fact, the five minutes you spend asking your customer about their needs may turn out to be the most profitable part of your day. With payout rates of up to twenty five percent of the monthly bookings for multi-user deals, the income adds up fast. Even single user deals provide a healthy revenue, with commissions of up to $150 per user depending on the product the customer purchases. You even earn commission on renewals.

It’s easy for you to get started with this new business. When you become a Citrix SaaS Advisor, we provide you with coded marketing creative materials that you can easily add to your website. When a user clicks on the link, we track the lead to you. We also provide lead referral forms that you can send in to register the lead. We do all the selling. All you need to do is provide the referral and recommend our solutions to your customers and prospects. Anyone on your network can become a source of revenue. And with our short sales cycle, your new adjacent business will quickly start generating real revenue.

It’s easy to become a Citrix referral partner, and there is no fee to join. Simply fill out the short online registration form and we’ll take it from there. As soon as we process your registration, we’ll contact you with the information you need to get started.