Trade shows have always been great forums for showcasing and marketing your products and solutions. But with the flood of events saturating every nook and cranny of the world, it’s become difficult to target which conferences and trade shows are relevant. In addition, the ROI on events really depends on the strategy adopted while participating.

The Citrix Ready Partner Pavilion can help you conquer this challenge.

What is the Citrix Ready Partner Pavilion?

We’re glad you asked! The Citrix Ready Partner Pavilion is a showcase area at key trade shows and events, where we are inviting our Citrix Ready partners to be joint exhibitors with us.

As a partner, you can take a pod within the larger Pavilion space. This provides you an opportunity to showcase your products and solutions jointly with Citrix. While we’d like to showcase an ecosystem of products and solutions that are compatible with Citrix technologies, you can leverage the Citrix branding by participating under a Citrix Ready Pavilion umbrella.

Now, the generic theme of the pavilion would be centered around interoperability, and how your products/solutions work in tandem with Citrix technologies. Through this platform, we can help offer you a window of opportunity to reach out to Citrix customers.

Focus on customers, leave the rest to us.

Participating in the pavilion also means that logistics and booth management would be taken care of. This turn-key package would really be a plug and play event for you. So, all you’d need to worry about is how and what to showcase at your pod. In addition, some of the key benefits for you include lead generation activities, marketing & communication support, networking opportunities, ability to present joint demos, social media marketing as well as a cost-effective presence at these events.

As next steps, you can choose from the following four events:

  1. Fill in your company/solution details
  2. Get on a call with us
  3. Pay a deposit fee
  4. Show up and setup shop at the event

And, hurry! We have limited spots, available on a first-come, first-served basis.

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Not sure about these events? Let’s get on a call. Drop me a note in the comments or email