Question: When does 1 + 1 = 3?

Answer: When you invest in Citrix certifications and specializations to advance your selling, your partnership with Citrix and your business as a whole.

These days, customer expectations are higher than ever. Companies are looking for technology partners with proven and demonstrated skills, knowledge and experience in targeted technical areas. They want partners that can provide strategic guidance, handle complex implementations and deliver associated services to round out a mobile workspace solution.

6 of the many ways Citrix certifications and specializations pay off:

  1. The ability to sell higher into the customer organization
  2. The skills and knowledge to pursue, win and deliver large, complicated projects
  3. Greater profitability from additional Citrix financial rewards
  4. New revenue streams from partner-led services
  5. A stronger relationship with Citrix Sales and Consulting
  6. A competitive differentiator that can be promoted through marketing and social media

Get certified and start building your Citrix knowledge 

Citrix certifications directly affect the success of your organization and your employees.

  • For the business, certifications provide justification for billing at higher service rates, support expansion into new market sectors such as mobility management, and supply a valuable competitive edge.
  • For employees, certifications can contribute to professional growth, especially in new technology areas, and boost the overall quality of your team.

This recently released infographic illustrates the top reasons that your employees should get Citrix-certified this year, including commanding higher salaries and validating their skills.

Importantly, Citrix certifications add substantial financial benefits through Citrix Advisor Rewards and Citrix Opportunity Registration as well as inclusion in Citrix Partner Locator. The solution-focused certifications in Virtualization, Networking and Mobility can prepare your organization to deliver complete solutions, which many customers demand. These certifications provide partners with the breadth of skills required to design, deploy and support end-to-end Citrix solutions.

Become specialized and let your expertise stand out 

Complementing and extending Citrix certifications, the new Citrix Specialist designations attest to Citrix Solution Advisors’ technical competency, end-to-end sales capability and services delivery. By achieving specialization in Virtualization, Mobility Management, Networking for Apps & Mobile Security and/or Networking for Data Center, you can:

  • Demonstrate excellence in one or more technical areas based on completion of certifications, customer validations, education courses and a hands-on practicum
  • Provide end-to-end sales capability, from initial engagement through delivery and post-sale activity, with a high level of competence and care that drives customer satisfaction
  • Deliver value-added services that provide recurring income streams and add significant revenues on top of technology reselling

Speaking of moving ahead, Citrix Specialist provides a new path to advancement opportunities based on a combination of technical competency and revenue attainment. For example, partners with multiple specializations will now be able to achieve the next medallion level with lower revenue requirements. In addition, by specializing in more than one technology category, partners can grow to become a Citrix Platinum Specialist.

Specialization also strengthens the Citrix relationship: partners gain enhanced credibility and mindshare with the Citrix Sales field organization, promoting valuable collaboration that can lead to increased customer acquisition and partner profitability.

Partners set their own pace toward growing their overall opportunity and partnership with Citrix. They can begin specializing in the technical category that best reflects their current business model, and then expand to other specializations that support their business strategies, as they enter lucrative, fast-growing markets supported by mobile workspace solutions.

Perhaps most importantly, advanced Citrix skills contribute to customer satisfaction, loyalty and referrals that can grow your customer base and your business.

Alignment with the Citrix concept of customer delight through specialization makes partners more appealing to new and existing customers. The Specialist badge attests to the fact that the partner has met a rigorous set of criteria – the latest certifications, a challenging hands-on practicum and validations from satisfied customers – all of which heighten customer confidence that the partner’s work is credible.

Step up to Specialist: Start your specialization journey today. If you are currently a Citrix partner, visit Citrix Specialist on Citrix Partner Central for more details. If you are not already a member of the Citrix Partner Network, become a partner and grow with us!

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