I’m very excited about a new tool we’ve launched at Citrix called Workspace Cloud Labs. This is a new section in Workspace Cloud where you can try new and upcoming features and technologies from Citrix. The goal of the Workspace Cloud Labs is to drive innovation at a faster pace by providing you easy access to early technologies, and to give you the opportunity to respond and give us feedback.

What’s unique about Workspace Cloud Labs?

Let’s first consider how traditional enterprise software tech preview works. For instance, consider what Citrix has to do when releasing a new tech preview for a new XenApp feature. Anyone who has tried a XenApp tech preview knows the up-front time you need to commit to do the evaluation. You have to deploy a full XenApp environment before evaluating the new features and give us feedback. This means that the level of participation is limited to only those who can commit to the time required to evaluate the technology.

From the engineering side, we have to do a lot of prep work to turn a new feature still in development into something you can easily access and consume. As an example, for any new technology where we want your feedback, we incur in considerable delays due to the time it takes both to provide early access and collect input.  This means that those evaluating a tech preview may ultimately have very little influence in the final result.

Instead of taking this traditional linear approach, we want to take advantage of the cloud to make the process of bringing new technologies in front of you earlier and be able to act effectively on your feedback. All these new technologies are brought cloud-first through the Citrix Workspace Cloud platform.

What to expect from Workspace Cloud Labs?

We have a minimalist methodology to bring new ideas into the labs section. This allow us to get more efficient with our R&D dollars and accelerate the time to make projects available. The process of innovation is a messy one where we come up with just a few great ideas and many not so great ones. As projects mature and prove the value to our customers, we may graduate certain technologies from the labs section and make them Generally Available within Workspace Cloud. Others may never make it and will get discontinued. We make no guarantees that any of the projects in labs will officially become Citrix products or supported product features.

You can help shape which of these projects graduate from labs and which ones don’t. Your feedback within the Workspace Cloud discussion forums can help shape our innovation path.

Everything ties back to a single platform

The Citrix Workspace Cloud platform is an innovation engine that enables us to tie different services together. Integrating a new service with other production services in Workspace Cloud becomes much simpler than traditional alternatives. This means that our customers and partners can quickly realize the value of integrated technologies beyond what they provide alone.

We have created the foundation for driving innovation at a much faster pace and keeping the product team better aligned with your needs. You can sign up for free at http://workspace.cloud.com and get access to Workspace Cloud Labs from the in-platform pull-down menu. Also click here to learn more about our first Labs service, the Browser Apps Service, which provides the fastest way to securely deliver web applications to end users.

I’m looking forward to this partnership,

Juan Rivera
VP Cloud & Server Engineering