Previously, enterprise customers have approached a new operating system upgrade like a fine wine or an oak barrel-aged whiskey. They’d let it mature for several years before rolling it out.

Remember the age-old mantra of not deploying a v1 product, or not until SP2 at least? Well, with Windows 10 that “wait and see” philosophy doesn’t hold water–or should I say, wine … or even whiskey–today.

Because Microsoft has made Windows a FREE upgrade to consumers until July 29, 2016, the employees–and not corporate IT–are the ones upgrading their own consumer devices to Windows 10. This makes for a unique situation for both Citrix customers and Partners.

You see, these employees will expect and even pressure Corporate IT to support their recently upgraded, or newly purchased with Windows 10, BYO devices. They will want to launch Web Apps that may or may not work on the new Edge browser. They expect to use Line Of Business (LOB) apps and run them seamlessly just like they did on Windows XP, 7 or for even a few in the minority, Windows 8.1.

But if history shows us anything, it’s that these Enterprises have taken years to deploy the newest Microsoft OS. Remember, Windows 7 was released in 2009, but most customers have only just finalized their upgrades.

But, have no fear, together Citrix and our delta force team of Solutions Advisors and partners are here to help customers navigate these new waters by:

  • Maintaining business continuity in the face of user disruption
  • Accelerate Windows 10 application readiness assessments
  • Successfully deploy Windows 10 seamlessly
  • Manage the new Windows update approach

And speaking of navigating, if you’re a Citrix Partner, I encourage you to “navigate” to the Grow Windows App Delivery in 2015 campaign in Citrix MarketingIQ, your one-stop shop for Windows 10 information by Citrix. You will find a customizable, co-branded email, a landing page, and thank you page for you to share and deliver this message with your customers.

And just like that fine wine, don’t just take one sip. Keep coming back and getting your goblet re-filled, for FREE.

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