Are you going to VMWorld?
Citrix is.

Are you thinking about vSphere 6.0?
Citrix did.

Are you wondering how XenApp and XenDesktop performs on the latest hypervisor from VMware?
Citrix was.

The good news is that we’ve completed our analysis of vSphere 6.0 for XenApp and XenDesktop and we can now answer the question of how many physical servers does it take to deliver a pooled virtual desktop to 500 users or a Windows app to 500 users. The answer is… “It Depends!”

How’s that for good and non-specific?

Actually, based on the requirements of having N+1 availability–meaning that we can continue to support 500 users even if we completely lose 1 physical server–you need 5 servers for XenApp and 7 for XenDesktop if you base your design off of the same hardware configuration we used (dual, 12 core processors). As you will see, our intent for these design guides was not to test the latest/greatest hardware, but instead to focus on a run-of-the-mill config to see how it would perform under our simulated workload.

Based on our analysis, we identified the following:

  1. vSphere 6 slightly outpaces vSphere 5.5 when running XenApp and XenDesktop
  2. XenApp (Windows 2012R2) on vSphere 6 results in roughly a 2X density improvement over XenDesktop (Windows 7)
  3. The need for more testing to look at IOPS, Windows 10 and latest advancements with the Citrix ICA protocol.

So, if you are going to VMWorld, take a look at the two latest design guides before stopping by the Citrix booth.

And for those of you staying home, I still say grab the latest design guides before watching another episode of The Simpsons.

Virtually signing off…
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