I’ve been at Citrix for 12 years and it has been, to say the least, exciting to watch the growth of our partnership with IBM. Citrix was founded by IBM veterans more than 25 years ago and we have teamed very closely for a long time with IBM Mobility Services and SoftLayer.

Today, I’m excited to tell you about the ways Citrix and IBM are increasing their partnership in Cloud Networking.

SoftLayer and www.ibm.com have been NetScaler customers for many years. NetScaler is available as a service on SoftLayer (SoftLayer is the largest Citrix Cloud Networking service partner). Over the last few years, Citrix and IBM Networking Services have begun to team to assist our mutual customers with Application Delivery Controller consolidation, Network Infrastucture Cost Optimization, Campus Networking and Software Defined Networking (Citrix and IBM were co-founders of the Open Daylight foundation).

Earlier this year, a European Bank worked with IBM Cloud Managed Services and Citrix NetScaler to implement an SDN solution on SoftLayer. Another mutual customer in finance is working with IBM Networking Services and Citrix NetScaler SDX to consolidate more than 330 legacy application delivery controllers down to only 119 Citrix NetScaler devices. This will deliver multi year savings in maintenace, power, cooling and rack space while delivering significantly improved throughput.

Now, we are building on our networking partnership by launching the Citrix NetScaler Content Pack for IBM Cloud Orchestrator. Citrix and IBM developers collaborated closely on this content pack that will enable customers to deploy, configure and manage Citrix NetScaler from IBM Cloud Orchestrator.  This new integration supports IBM Cloud Orchestrator 2.4 & Citrix NetScaler SDX, MPX and VPX.  Customers can create load balancers as well as manage NetScaler devices and SSL certificates.

The  content pack and user guide for the Citrix NetScaler Content Pack for IBM Cloud Orchestrator can be downloaded here:

To learn more about the partnership between IBM and Citrix please visit:
www.citrix.com/ibm and http://www-935.ibm.com/services/us/en/it-services/alliances/citrix/
Mike Ballengee
Managing Director
Citrix Systems
August 24, 2015