Did you know? The ShareFile Enterprise Services team ensures you will be supported with your services deployment, making it easy to proceed through our delivery phases: Build, Ramp and Run. 

Our mission is to make your lives easier by giving you a world-class customer experience–you will be fully supported through this process–using our methodology to make the deployment faster, your users happier and ensure you are continually realizing value on your investment.

The Enterprise Services team drives strategic alignment and partnership between Citrix ShareFile and our customers with professional services, such as:

  • Leverage a resource to serves as the primary point of contact, post-sale for services, escalation and customer advocacy within Citrix
  • Hold deep dive transition sessions with your team to ensure they hit the ground running with the details of use cases, experiences to date and timelines
  • Provide project leadership from a successful pilot program to the implementation of your production environment, establishing user accounts and guiding through best practices
  • Share best practices for rollout strategies, conduct administration training and drive additional use cases to solve business needs that can help you realize additional value on your investment
  • Proactively provides account reviews and overlays your existing Citrix products so your entire account team is in sync to better serve your needs

The implementation will deliver a great Enterprise File Sync and Sharing experience across devices and platforms, while at the same time adhering to the specific technical requirements of customers’ IT organization. 

The initial phase provides consultative design and deployment guidance. This process consists of setting up the infrastructure, configuration of the product and provisioning licenses.  The focus then shifts to user adoption and active use of the ShareFile solution.

When taking user experience, ease of deployment and maintenance into account, the following best practices for optimizing the performance of your ShareFile implementation should be considered. It is worth noting the general recommendations outlined may not be appropriate for every environment and are for guidance purposes only.

Before You Deploy Licenses a Few General Recommendations To Consider:

  • Methodology– The Citrix Product Adoption Consulting Methodology consists of clearly defined phases – Build, Ramp, Run. Each phase consists of a series of checkpoints and deliverables that helps to ensure that no key step is missed.
  • Application Compatibility– When moving to a new operating system or application delivery technology it is important to verify application compatibility as soon as possible.
  • Separation of Components– With enterprise deployments, key infrastructure roles should be hosted on dedicated servers to enhance security, scalability, high availability and support.
  • Test Environment– An isolated test infrastructure should be implemented so that software, configuration and hardware changes can be verified prior to being implemented in production. The test environment should mirror the production environment as closely as possible.
  • Hotfixes and Service Packs– Hotfixes and updates for the operating system, applications, and Citrix components should be kept up to date to ensure optimal performance, stability, and security.

Infrastructure Recommendations

The following tasks are recommended to be adhered to when deploying StorageZones Controller, StorageZones for ShareFile Data, and StorageZone Connectors.

  • Configure NetScaler for StorageZones Controller : You can use NetScaler as a DMZ proxy for StorageZones Controller.  Citrix recommends protecting the StorageZone controller server on the trusted network and routing inbound traffic to StorageZone Controller server through a StorageZone proxy, such as Citrix NetScaler.
  • Create a network share for private data storage: StorageZones for ShareFile Data requires a network share for your private data, even if you store ShareFile files in a supported third-party storage system.

For further guidance and additional information, please refer to the ShareFile Knowledge Base and Citrix Product Documentation.

For 1:1 guidance with your ShareFile Implementation take advantage of the ShareFile QuickStart offering.  This is a program that designed to get you up and running with ShareFile Enterprise as quickly as possible, in your own unique environment – ShareFile QuickStart DataSheet.

“The QuickStart service provides a simple and effective way for us to deliver the results our employees and clients require.” Brian Hoffman, senior systems analyst and senior tax Decosimo

If you are interested in the ShareFile QuickStart Program, please email sharefileprofsvcs@citrix.com.

Rollout Plan- Time to Execute!

Work with ShareFile’s Product Adoption Consulting Team to complete your deployment in 3 simple steps maximizing your ROI!

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