Augmented Reality is about making the real world better through embedding information into our experience of the world.

Today, there’s an unprecedented level of interest in the space, with new devices (HoloLens, Magic Leap, etc), investment, new games, medical advances, and strong indications for how these technologies will be used in the workplace. In many ways it is transformational.

Beneath the hype, I’m seeing some very pragmatic approaches to using elements of AR to augment existing tools. Today, I’d like to introduce one of these.

Caugnate is a Citrix Startup Accelerator Innovators Program (Santa Barbara) participant, they add 3d understanding to online video conferencing to solve real world challenges for service technicians. I’d suggest watching one of their videos to see how the remote expert is able to annotate a 3d model of whichever device is being serviced.

They are looking for early customers, so if this scratches an itch in your organization, please reach out to me, or directly to Caugnate.

Caugnate ( is a startup building (AR powered) mobile software to help field service workers collaborate effectively with remote experts. This ability to leverage needed expertise while on-site improves the success rate of service calls, better utilizes limited and expensive expertise, reduces the need for travel, reduces costly equipment downtime, and improves customer satisfaction. – short version (about 1 min.) – a bit longer, more explanation (about 2.5 min)


Dr Michael Harries, Chief Technologist, Senior Director, Citrix Startup Accelerator