About a month ago, iOSDevCamp hosted its annual Hackathon at the eBay headquarters in San Jose, CA. The goal? create a new app, company or even a new world! The atmosphere was electric and the town hall was filled with over 200 participants ready for the long stretch.

With Citrix as a sponsor, the Octoblu team had the opportunity of representing Citrix at the event. We packed up bags of goodies (Octoblu T-Shirts, Prizes, Micro-controllers & wearable devices) and headed to San Jose with the goal of giving the teams at iOSDevCamp an unfair advantage.

Upon kick-off, our very own Chris Matthieu gave an exciting short demo introducing Octoblu to the participants and shortly after, we began giving one-on-one live demos of Octoblu streaming data between devices and APIs.

As the event unfolded, we meet with some great teams, talked through some crazy ideas and provided support to teams using Octoblu in their apps. We had teams using Octoblu to Tweet, send text messages, control speakers, detect motion & even control a Car (Tesla Model S).

One of the winning teams and the winner of the Citrix prize developed an app called Carpe La Vida which utilizes wearable health technology to focus on traffic safety. The app uses a Myo–or any other wearable device–to detect if a driver is having a seizure or falling asleep. The demo showed Carpe La Vida detect a seizure using a Myo, send text messages to emergency contacts, unlock the doors of the Tesla while sending signals to surrounding cars by honking the horn and blinking emergency lights. All powered by Octoblu.

This year’s event was a huge success and we learned a lot supporting teams build applications on Octoblu in a weekend. We want to say big thank you to the organizers for the opportunity and to the participants, keep calm & hack on.