Experience Workspace Cloud for yourself – learn more and explore a Workspace Cloud trial.It’s a banner day for Citrix as we release Citrix Workspace Cloud,  one of the biggest initiatives we have ever executed.

I am proud to say that these cloud-based services have been built with the distinct and necessary value of the partner-customer relationship at top of mind.

In fact, one of the things that differentiates Citrix as a partner is that, as we see the ever-decreasing price point and ever-increasing constraints of the industry’s available cloud services, we embrace the value of our partners as trusted advisors to Citrix customers.

We recognize you’re on the front lines as your customers look to cloud deployments–closest to their needs, obstacles and pain points–and we’ve designed Citrix Workspace Cloud keeping in mind the unique value you bring to the customer.

What is Citrix Workspace Cloud?

Citrix Workspace Cloud is the industry’s first cloud services platform for the secure delivery of apps, desktops, mobile and data from any cloud.

Whether on-premises, private or public clouds, or a hybrid model, Workspace Cloud  is designed to be the easiest and fastest way for IT to enable business productivity, giving workers secure access to apps, data and IT tools from any device.

Workspace Cloud uniquely adds value to Citrix partner organizations with abilities to speed customer success, increase opportunities for value-added services, and provide ongoing opportunities for expanded engagement with your customer base. 

Cloud Workspaces: The Time is Right

3 Ways Citrix Workspace Cloud Heightens Value for Citrix PartnersWe’re entering a new era (IDC calls it the 3rd platform) where Infrastructure-as-a-Service is disrupting data center ownership and management as a value business driver. Additionally there is a land grab by other vendors to lock resellers in with low value potential and much constraint.

Citrix is emerging from the fray with a customer-first, partner-first motion that continues to adhere to our philosophy of focus on value. We promote and engage our partner community because we know true value is inherently defined through you, our partners, as your customers’ trusted IT experts, closest to your customers’ distinct needs.

Partner Value = Customer Value

We’ve heard your pain points: slow time to value, inconsistent implementations, infrastructure dependencies, complex integration across multiple services and product installations and upgrades across multiple locations and consoles. 

The Citrix Workspace Cloud platform dramatically simplifies the design and deployment of application, mobile and desktop infrastructure by replacing on-premises control and management with a clean, beautiful provisioned management control plane you’ll enjoy using.

By streamlining the management and deployment of Citrix technologies to end users, Citrix Workspace Cloud frees you up to focus on more strategic work — benefiting your customers’ businesses — resulting in easier, faster deployments and longer, happier customer relationships.

Get started with Citrix Workspace Cloud

1. Embrace the trial environments while maximizing current revenue opportunities.

Make sure you’re certified (CCVA, CCVE or CCVP) in our core virtualization technology and that you’re participating in the Citrix Advisor Reward incentive program. Start with a targeted plan, as outlined below, while staying focused on executing on your existing pipeline – our goal is to expand your opportunities, not to distract from deals in flight. Hit your number and maximize your revenue opportunity in 2015.

2. Plan your 2015 learn-and-grow strategy.

Visit SalesIQ for resources to help you understand your target profile and start your conversations. We recommend you target a couple of net newExperience Workspace Cloud for yourself – learn more and explore a Workspace Cloud trial at Citrix.com/workspacecloud
customers with a net new use case that have already expressed a desire to move away from a traditional on-premises data center infrastructure model.

Citrix Workspace Cloud easily supports this transition, allowing customers to make different choices around their infrastructure — choices that can evolve over time without being penalized — and allows you, in collaboration with your customer, to manage on the control plane from a single instance. It positions you as their trusted navigator to cloud as you understand their business outcome, guide them on their journey and execute the solution efficiently. Gain success with one or two accounts in 2015.

3. Gear up for 2016.

Bring your team to Citrix Summit 2016 where you’ll learn how to amplify customer engagement and grow business with Citrix Workspace Cloud, deepen your value proposition and execute on new go-to-market strategies. Get prepped to learn a lot more about how this new offering will be expanded and promoted in 2016.

I wish you success as you close out your year and I look forward to seeing you at one of the most exciting Summits we’ve ever staged. 

Try out Workspace Cloud for yourself.

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