With over 20 courses and 300 hours of guided learning, the Citrix Education eLearning Subscription has become the go-to training resource for many Citrix customers and partners. With the eLearning subscription, these customers and partners receive:

  • An all-access pass: The subscription is your one-stop shop for XenApp, XenDesktop, NetScaler, and XenMobile training
  • No-cost content upgrades: New course releases are automatically added at no cost
  • Learn anywhere, anytime: Content is optimized for learning on any device, enabling learning on your terms
  • Low cost, high value: Over 20 courses and 300 hours of learning for less than $2 a day
  • Lab simulations & expert-led videos: Top instructors and subject matter experts give step-by-step instructions in demo environments.

We’re happy to announce a new, added value to the subscription – Citrix Insider!

What is Citrix Insider?

Citrix Insider is the ultimate look behind the curtain. It’s the training material that the Citrix Support Readiness team produces to enable our internal support staff with the knowledge they need for new product and new product version releases. This material was previously only available to Citrix employees, but for the first time ever, anyone with an active Citrix Education eLearning Subscription can access it!

What’s different about Citrix Insider content?

All training material produced by Citrix Education has a distinct look and feel. Because Insider content is produced by the Citrix Support Readiness team, you’ll notice that it doesn’t look the same as the Education-produced content.

Also, because we’re giving you the insider view, there will be some references to internal project code names in some of the modules. For example, we’re releasing the module Authentication Enhancements for NetScaler 11 as part of Citrix Insider. NetScaler is being referred to as “Project Ion” during product development, so you’ll hear the project code name at some points during the training.

How much does Citrix Insider cost?

The suggested retail price for the Citrix eLearning Subscription is $600 USD annually*, and Citrix Insider is now included at no additional cost. If you have an active eLearning Subscription, Citrix Insider has already been added to your account.

How do I find the Insider content in my subscription?

While browsing the modules in your active eLearning Subscription, you’ll see “Citrix Insider” appended to the titles of content
produced by the Support Readiness team.

What material is included with Citrix Insider?

The following training modules are immediately available through Insider:

  • PVS 7.X: Basic Principles of PVS (2 hours)
  • Essentials in Configuration and Troubleshooting (FMA): FMA Services (45 minutes)
  • NetScaler 11: Authentication Enhancements (1 hour)
  • NetScaler 11: NetScaler Gateway Enhancement (1 hour 30 minutes)

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Why are you releasing this content if it isn’t a Citrix Education course?

The mission of Citrix Education is to enable our customers and partners with the knowledge and skills they need, when they need them. Developing a Citrix Education course with our look & feel and a complete set of lab exercises takes time, and we prefer our courses be based on final product code. These constraints can lead to courses that are released up to three months after product is released.

While the Insider content may not have the “polish” you’ve come to expect from Citrix Education and doesn’t include hands-on labs, you’ll be enabled with the foundational knowledge of a new product or product version on the day it’s released.

Become a Citrix Insider by purchasing your eLearning Subscription

*Market and partner pricing may apply