Innovations with networking technologies present hot opportunities to drive business further.

Network virtualization, services delivery fabric, load balancing, software-defined networking, disaster recovery, site recovery, app security and multi-tenancy in private and public clouds — all key topics that support a lucrative business in networking.

We understand that marketing to prospects through diverse media channels can be complicated and eat away precious time, often requiring special skills, dedicated staff or a team of expert consultants.

Don’t worry; we’ve got just the solution.

These always-on partner marketing programs can help you quickly get ahead – Citrix Social, Citrix Syndication and Citrix MarketingIQfree of charge.

3 Steps to Build your Networking Pipeline

Step 1: Spark new awareness with Citrix Social

Citrix Social is the easiest way for you to ignite engagement, generate interest and grow new followers through your LinkedIn and Twitter social networks. Gain instant access to a library of industry-relevant content that is perfectly crafted to help elevate you in the social arena with topics spanning networking, cloud, SDN, thought leadership, key vertical content and more. Learn more.

Step 2: Generate leads with Citrix Syndication

Let Citrix Syndication save you time and effort in generating new networking leads through your website. Our web content syndication program is the ideal solution to build your web presence by arming you with Citrix content specifically designed to capture web traffic and build pipeline for your business. Check out the dedicated networking content available, including 10 high-value lead gen resources, for free. Learn more about how you can register today. 

accelerate networking campaign

Step 3: Drive demand with MarketingIQ

The new networking campaign in Citrix MarketingIQ makes it easy to identify and target common customer challenges,
establish your thought leadership or expand your installed base. This campaign makes it amazingly simple for partners to customize and execute an end-to-end demand-gen campaign for the networking solution.

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Marketing materials are ready and at your fingertips. Start driving deeper greater pipeline in networking by leveraging these effective marketing multi-touch resources. Expand your business today.

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