When delivering virtual desktop and application workloads, there are various key decisions that every environment will require. Things like which hypervisor to use, what OS platform(s) to run and which HDX features to take advantage of.

Once these decisions (and many others) are made–and later implemented in production–imagine if you could let Citrix know about your preferences in an automatic, anonymous fashion.

After all, if we don’t know which decision points are the most common, our data used to test solutions and shape roadmaps will end up incomplete. Shouldn’t our priorities take your priorities into account?

Well, my friends, I am pleased to report that this is possible! Make sure your company’s IT preferences and priorities are heard! Simply enable the Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP) in supported products.

CEIP is available for several products and components including XenDesktop and XenApp 7.6+, Receiver for Windows 4.3+ and the License Server for Windows 11.12.1 build 14100+ (additional expansion coming soon).

Enabling CEIP for XenDesktop and XenApp is easily done by accepting the default opt-in message on the last screen of the Site Setup Wizard.

Once a site is already up, the site-wide setting is quickly toggled anytime from within Citrix Studio under the “Configuration” node and “Product Support” tab.

The collection and upload process happens weekly at a varying offset.  It was designed to perform in a very transparent manner that will not interfere with the performance or usability of your environment.  Again it is important to stress that data sent is purely anonymous as “sanitized” from within the product itself before transmission (no hostnames, IP addresses, event logs, etc.).

On the client side, Receiver CEIP is easily enabled during installation by accepting the default option.

For the license server, you have two CEIP options.  You can select either non-anonymous usage information or anonymous statistics as part of the CEIP program.

There you have it! I encourage everyone to enable CEIP across your Citrix environment.  Let your decisions be heard by casting your vote (long waiting lines and complex ballots need not apply here).

Allen Furmanski
Product Manager
Citrix Product Insights and Analytics