You’ve bought some new servers, they’ve arrived, and you’ve racked them up. Now, all you have to do is install XenServer on them.

In theory, this shouldn’t be difficult – for years most operating systems (including XenServer) have had first class support for network installs (e.g. PXE) with answerfiles, but in reality this doesn’t work for everyone. Also, even if you are setup with the infrastructure to easily on-board and install new servers, you still need to take care of configuring the server’s BIOS appropriately.

It goes without saying that if you’re looking for the simplest out-of-box experience, it would be great if the hassle could be dealt with before you received the system, leaving it to you to just hook them up and power them on.

Well, now that’s a reality. I’m pleased to let you know that this is exactly what you can now do with XenServer 6.5 thanks to Dell’s ongoing partnership with Citrix.

For the most popular Dell servers, you can now select the option on the website to have the systems pre-installed by Dell in their factory. After receiving the server customers can then very simply apply their XenServer licences to enable enterprise features and qualify for support.

Currently the factory install option is provided with the following Dell systems:

  • Dell Precision R7910
  • Dell PowerEdge R730
  • Dell PowerEdge R730xd
  • Dell PowerEdge T630

Although factory installs won’t be for everyone, we’ve had a number of requests for this, so we are very excited to give customers the option.

Check it out for yourself at and let us know what you think.