Already deployed in thousands of networks around the globe, Citrix NetScaler ensures the reliable and secure delivery of your high traffic Microsoft applications (such as Exchange, Lync–now Skype for Business–and SharePoint) and introduces centralized management and application level visibility and control.

NetScaler and Microsoft work together to ensure top performance of Microsoft technologies and reduce infrastructure complexity. This lowers management and administrative costs. Enterprises rely on Microsoft for a broad array of business applications, from inventory and customer relations to collaborative work tools.

Citrix NetScaler is the perfect application delivery solution for your Microsoft applications.

NetScaler offers seamless compatibility with your infrastructure via configuration templates for key Microsoft applications and built-in System Center integration. Set-up wizards and AppExpert templates make integrating and configuring NetScaler with Microsoft technologies easy. These extensible templates provide pre-configured policies for advanced optimizations like caching and compression. They can even replicate the exact configurations your business needs by modifying existing templates. NetScaler ensures applications like Exchange, Lync and SharePoint are always available and provide end-users with the best performance.

Accelerate performance and deliver applications and up to five times faster

NetScaler delivers optimal application performance through advanced web compression. This reduces the amount of data that is sent to users, resulting in significantly faster response times and reduced network bandwidth requirements. Improve your end-user experience with faster and more responsive applications.

Increase application and service availability

NetScaler provides 100 percent application availability. Enhanced load balancing and content switching improves the efficiency of server and network resources. Application and database server health checks monitor the ability of the server infrastructure. This ensures that requests are only directed to healthy resources capable of completing the user’s request.

Easily scale your infrastructure

NetScaler provides the scalability required for changing business needs. Easily scale up for cloud elasticity. Scale-in for greater simplicity with the ability to end appliance sprawl. Scale-out capacity to massive levels by enabling NetScaler appliances (physical or virtual) to work in unison to deliver one or more applications.

World-class security

NetScaler provides advanced attack protection. It secures applications and networks from a wide variety of threats and attacks. Now your business can prevent the leakage of confidential data and protect sensitive communications. The Application Firewall also blocks 100% of attacks that target vulnerabilities on any device anywhere. These include web and web services applications, cross-site scripting, and buffer overflow threats.

NetScaler Documentation for Microsoft Applications: