Citrix offers tremendous opportunity to grow business with NetScaler.

More than just a security solution, NetScaler maximizes the benefits promised by virtual desktops by truly exceling as a front-end solution for an organization’s desktop virtualization infrastructure.

Partners often experience accelerated sales cycles with double digit product margins attributed to NetScaler.

Often times, sales can be signed within the same business quarter.

Opportunities to advance sales with NetScaler can be fully realized by obtaining the Citrix Certified Sales Professional (CCSP) certification.

Available to Citrix partners at no cost, CCSP is a single, comprehensive training course that delivers interactive, high-impact learning. Your sales team will learn how to position Citrix networking technologies as a standalone solution or alongside XenApp, XenDesktop and XenMobile. 

Why take the CCSP 2015 course?

  • Increase your eligibility for Citrix incentives and raise the profitability within your partner organization
  • Expand your selling knowledge of networking, virtualization and mobility and learn why Citrix products beat the competition
  • Discover how customers are using Citrix solutions to improve the way they do business
  • Learn how to lead sales conversations that drive opportunities in networking, Windows app delivery and enterprise mobility

The CCSP course is part of the newly launched Citrix Partner Learning Paths.

Get certified now.

For more information regarding Citrix sales certifications and requirements, please access your Citrix Partner Program Guide

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