Whenever I speak to a Service Provider, I’m always astonished by how quickly they identify the tools that will help them get what they need and what elements of the program or solution will help them move their business along.

This reminds me of something one of my colleagues always says: “It’s the little things that you build upon to make things happen.” In a word: “Progress.”

Marketing is a little bit like that, as well. Here are five things that you need to know:

  1. Marketing doesn’t need to be complex or elaborate. Buy a list, run a webinar, send them a whitepaper, engage people in a conversation about their pain points.
  2. When you’re just starting out, marketing doesn’t need to be time-consuming. Pick a few things that you think will work, and just do them.
  3. “What’s your strategy? Do you want to grow your business in a key vertical, geography or niche market?”  Organizations often specialize or focus on a particular vertical because of limited time and resources. For service providers specializing in a key market, this can translate to higher margins and a targeted sales and marketing approach.
  4. Leverage everything that your vendor partners have to offer – tools, visibility, ideas. If you work with Citrix, then we have pre-built demand generation campaigns that have use case messaging, ready for you to send to a contact list. Click here to view the campaign overview (access to current partners only)
  5. Take advantage of social media and other more recent types of marketing tactics to communicate and educate. Social media are great for small business because their effectiveness isn’t limited by a company’s size; small companies can easily compete, toe-to-toe with big names if they just use a little creativity (Follow @CitrixCSP on Twitter to see highlighted service provider examples).

To better understand how you can invest your time wisely when it comes to marketing your business, join us for this webinar on Thursday August 6, 2015 at 11am Eastern Daylight Time.

Bring them in the door! Best marketing, demand-gen and sales tactics for Service Providers

You’ve built a great hosted desktop service, and now you need to grow your customer base.

This is where proven techniques come into play for driving awareness and demand for your services. This session will review ways to get a campaign up and running in days, outline campaign analysis techniques and cover support mechanisms to guarantee lead delivery. We’ll also provide prescriptive guidance on how to structure, build and enable your reseller channel with emphasis on sales acceleration, marketing excellence and operational efficiencies.

In this session you will learn:

• How to maximize lead efficiency, generate sales-ready leads and build pipeline

• How to combine email and social media, nurture campaigns, events and lead management to drive effective B2B channel marketing

• About the different marketing tools that will help accelerate growth

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