If you’ve followed the Citrix story and our presence in healthcare, you’re probably fully aware on how our solutions provide seamless secure access to critical applications and patient data access.

Citrix healthcare mobility solutions empower physicians and nurses to instantly access clinical systems, data and care coordination tools – from any workstation or their device of choice. By enabling quick and seamless access to PHI from any device without compromising security, healthcare IT admins make it simpler for clinicians to use EMRs, clinical decision support tools and other resources that help their organization meet various government mandates.

Speaking of electronic medical records, over the course of the past several months, Citrix worked closely with Epic to ensure Citrix XenDesktop & XenApp 7.6 achieved Target Platform status for Hyperspace 2015. This collaboration also includes the creation of a Reference Architecture document for XenApp 7.6, with a XenDesktop 7.6 Reference Architecture to be released in the coming months.

Citrix has been part of the Target Platform since its inception over 5 years ago and is used by over 1 million clinicians on a daily basis. In fact, over 80% of Epic Hyperspace deployments are on Citrix! Citrix XenApp’s wide acceptance in the healthcare marketplace has made it the most common method to access their EMR.

As a Citrix healthcare customer, partner, or service provider, you may be wondering what 7.6 brings. With XenDesktop & XenApp 7.6, users have access to the following features:

Superior User Experience

Instant app access – Tight integration with Epic’s Warp Drive utility for clinical PCs, as well as other core Citrix technologies such as the new and improved Pre-launch and Session Linger, work to deliver virtual apps to users with a fast, local-like launch experience, improving log on times to critical clinical apps.

Resilient connectivity – New Connection Leasing technology ensures users can access their apps and desktops even if the Citrix SQL database is unreachable, critical in the healthcare industry where an a instant of downtime could impact care.

Flexible Authentication – Citrix enables a range of authentication mechanisms, such as pass through and local guest account access, in order to provide fast access to apps with their own primary authentication process—especially valuable in healthcare where every second counts.

Enriched multimedia – Improved image sharpening and acceleration and DirectX/2D rendering capabilities deliver a superior user experience on any device.

USB plug-n-play – Generic USB redirection, used for specialty USB devices such as dictation equipment, is USB 3.0 ready in 7.6, enabling plug-n-play operation with new Receiver versions coming for Windows and Linux.

Better Security

Unmatched standards – XenApp and XenDesktop 7.6 comprise the only unified apps and desktop virtualization solution that is FIPS 140-2 compliant and also in evaluation for Common Criteria, a certification required for devices used by the federal government for national security to ensure the integrity of the government’s most sensitive and critical data. Other industries, including healthcare, can benefit from the government’s initiative by choosing devices that have achieved Common Certification Criteria.

Session Recording – enables admins to record user activity in XenApp app and server-hosted desktop sessions making it easier to resolve and troubleshoot session issues, simplify personnel training and enhance auditing for compliance.  Session Recording is based on the popular SmartAuditor technology in XenApp 6.5 and is a premium feature in Platinum licenses only.

Content control – New clipboard content filtering and directional control policies enable admins to granularly control what can be copied into and out of a virtual workspace, critical for protecting patient data.

Enhanced authentication – New versions of Receiver support local and remote use of smart cards for accessing apps and desktops from Android, iOS and Linux devices.

Simpler Management

Unified architecture – 3rd generation FlexCast Management Architecture (FMA) enables healthcare IT to deliver apps and desktops on-premises or in the cloud and scale with ease.

Breakthrough storage performance – Provisioning Services 7.6 cuts storage costs as much as 80% by reducing IOPS by 99% and improving storage performance by 20X.

Improved app management – New App Folders enable admins to better organize and more easily manage hundreds or thousands of published apps in Studio.

Enhanced monitoring – Improvements to Director and EdgeSight include app usage reporting, real-time license alerts, hotfix inventory tracking and more.

Integrated environment –StoreFront aggregates new XenApp sites with existing XenApp farms to provide users with a single access point for all virtual apps and desktops.

System Center integration – Citrix Connector 7.5 enables admins to use Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager to define and manage access to Citrix virtual apps and desktops.

Simplified upgrades – New tools, videos and guides are available for smooth upgrading of your Citrix environment if you’re planning a Windows server migration.

For more information, current Epic customers can access the Hyperspace 2015 Target Platform documentation and Reference Architecture for XenApp 7.6 and Hyperspace on the Epic UserWeb. For the latest information on Citrix in healthcare, be sure to visit citrix.com/healthcare.