Over the past year, we’ve made quite a commitment to enhancing HDX Flash Redirection to help customers struggling with server-side video rendering consuming large amounts of CPU, reducing server scalability, and ultimately degrading the user experience. 

The culmination of this effort from our support, engineering and lifecycle teams resulted in a “one-stop shop” CTX article: Flash Redirection Compatibility CTX136588, which is constantly updated by our teams to provide customers with a single place to find information. If you haven’t yet, bookmark this article right away!

Last month, on June 9th, Adobe released Flash version 18, and subsequently many customers that began to adopt it would experience the symptom of:  “Adobe Flash v18 caused my redirection to fail and the site to get added to the URL blacklist.”  

Thanks to our efforts over the past year, we discovered the issue early and posted CTX201150 on June 4th, nearly a week before the public release of version 18. This was due to our closer relationship with Adobe, one that is striving to help deliver broader control on how you manage Flash in your XenApp and XenDesktop deployment.

We have a strong ecosystem of thin client vendors who embrace and support HDX Flash Redirection on their thin clients. Today, this is one of the requirements to minimally achieve “HDX Ready” for entering the Citrix Ready Marketplace program, both for Linux and Windows thin clients.

Moving towards HTML5 Video

You may have noticed that many websites and industry leaders are transitioning to HTML5 as a primary delivery mechanism for video as a default:

This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone – the future is coming! However, Flash is still extremely pervasive (as the last article articulates) not only for uncontrolled internet content, but internally controlled content as well.

Give us your feedback

We want to understand more about your plans for supporting Flash and HTML5 within your organization through this brief survey.  Tell us…what is driving your business to transition – security, innovation, resource constraints, market pressure, and/or business initiatives?  Let us know!