Increase customer agility with Citrix software-defined networking Software-defined networking (SDN), at its core, is about separating network control from packet forwarding and making the network, itself, programmable.

The next generation of the NetScaler SDX platform is built to do just this.

True, the current platform already allows you to consolidate multiple NetScaler instances onto a single, purpose-built networking appliance without compromising individual instance performance or isolation. And that’s pretty fantastic.

But the next-generation NetScaler SDX platform takes things to the next level and extends this consolidation capability beyond NetScaler to deliver a variety of adjacent, best-in-class L4-7 networking services from Citrix and our ecosystem partners.

The NetScaler SDX platform unifies best-in-class L4-7 network services into an application control layer, and can integrate this application control with existing transport networks and emerging SDN technologies.

NetScaler SDX delivers three key capabilities that put networking on par with compute and storage infrastructure.

  1. App-driven control
  2. Prescriptive, automated deployment
  3. Consolidated delivery and orchestration 

Overcome your customers’ traditional network limitations

Help your customers realize the full value of their virtualization solution.

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