Citrix Melio is a new addition to the Citrix product software portfolio.

Melio is a leading storage and data virtualization platform. Melio extends the benefits of virtualization to the storage layer by decoupling data from physical storage in much the same way that server virtualization decouples operating system from physical servers.

Five Reasons to Get Excited About Citrix Melio:

1.  Melio’s Software Defined Storage capabilities improve elasticity of our customers existing storage and server infrastructure

2.  Melio uses Citrix NetScaler for load balancing, which allows for dynamic failover between sites without any disruption to the user experience.

3.  Melio is infrastructure-agnostic – it supports all protocols, storage media, and storage (SAN, NAS, JBOD, JBOF, and server side).

4.  Melio allows build out of geo-distribute clusters

5.  Introduction to Citrix WorkspacePod which uses the same technology – WorkspacePod is a pre-validated software stack for hyper-converged infrastructure that runs Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp with the best scale, efficiency and price performance.

MasterClass Highlights 

During the MasterClass we will provide a quick market overview and a detailed demonstration of Melio. We will showcase how Melio alleviates the pain associated with the complexity, cost, and management of siloed infrastructures, within and across data centers – managed as private, hybrid or cloud environments.

We will feature two versions of the Citrix Melio platform:

·      Melio VDI is ideal for all XenDesktop and XenApp deployments enabling high availability and reduced management of images, vdisks and files.

·      Melio Enterprise is geared toward geo-distributed clusters across sites, and large scale out of deployments, and for customers looking to reduce storage and infrastructure and management cost. Melio Enterprise includes Tier 1 storage features normally found in traditional SANs. In addition to XenDesktop and XenApp, Melio Enterprise is well suited for other enterprise workloads, such as file serving.

After the demonstration of Melio, you will be invited to download a trial version of the software to run it in your own lab.

Looking forward to having you in our next MasterClass on July 29th!

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