Citrix Partners can get a competitive edge with Citrix Opportunity Registration for cloud networking The Citrix Opportunity Registration program can give you a competitive edge and greater profitability in the cloud networking market.

The first eligible partner with a validated registration can get upfront discount—in addition to the existing backend rebates available through Citrix Advisor Rewards and the upfront discount available to Citrix Specialists.

Benefits for you and your customers

  • Drive adoption of cloud technologies: With a Citrix cloud networking solution, your customers gain a platform for delivering and scaling new cloud services.
  • Leverage a lucrative market: The fast-growing cloud networking market sector offers tremendous profit potential.
  • Expand your capabilities: Certification in cloud networking expands your expertise, helping you win new customers and deepen penetration in existing accounts.
  • Competitive advantage: Opportunity Registration provides unique differentiation to help you beat the competition.

Start building your Citrix knowledge and earn valuable product certifications to take advantage of the Opportunity Registration program and other benefits.

If you are not already certified in cloud networking, take advantage of NetScaler technical training and certification packages.

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