A couple of years back, my colleague, Holger Fuessler, did a bang-up job of blogging about Citrix NetScaler capabilities for monitoring Secure LDAP servers.

Since then, the capabilities in this area have done nothing but improve in NetScaler, and that’s great news! With the release of 11.0 recently, and the first released build–55.23–there is new feature to monitor Secure LDAP natively without the modification of Perl scripts, as was necessary in the original blog post.

Now, it’s the tick of a checkbox and away we go!

Here’s the recipe!

1. Add a new monitor from Traffic Management > Monitors

2. Select LDAP from the drop-down list

3. Check the Secure checkbox towards the bottom

4. Click the Special Parameters tab

5. Select nsldap.pl from the Script Name drop-down list

6. Fill in the Base DN, Bind DN and Password fields

7. Click Create

8. Next up is our Load Balancing Service. Navigate to Traffic Management > Load Balancing > Services and click Add.

9. In this example I am using an SSL_TCP service on TCP port 636 for Secure LDAP populating the IP address of the server to monitor, selecting SSL_TCP from the Protocol drop-down list and changing the Port field to 636. Another configuration option is SSL_TCP with TCP port 389 for LDAP over TLS. Click OK when happy with your selections.

10. Next we need to bind the monitor we created. Navigate to the Monitors section and click 1 Service to Load Balancing Monitor Binding.

11. Click Add Binding

12. Click Select Monitor

13. Click the radio button for your new monitor and click Select.

14. Click Bind and then Close.

15. Voila! You have a new service that is monitoring Secure LDAP server successfully! Feel free to bind this to an exiting or create a new virtual server and you are good to go!

‘Til next time,
Andrew AKA NetScaler Tipster