I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Time is money.

Both are equally precious to your work day and (unfortunately) neither comes in an infinite supply. If you’re like most of us and are looking for ways to economize and use both wisely, plus build new skills and know-how in the process, then the recent launch of the Citrix Partner Learning Paths is definitely something to get excited about.

Citrix Partner Learning Paths* bring together a wealth of purpose-built content, courses and best practices that span across sales, technical and marketing roles unveiling a streamlined learning framework to deliver the ingredients you need to enable business growth, profitability and success.

Destination: Marketing

If crafting strategic plans that focus on attracting new audiences and building sparkling marketing campaigns that will drive customers through their purchase path is your cup of tea then look no further than (you guessed it!) the Marketing Learning Path.

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to marketing or just new to marketing with Citrix, the Marketing Learning path is your single destination to first gain a solid understanding of the key marketing skills that will help to build, develop and implement your marketing plan. As you move further along the path, you’ll learn how to apply those marketing skills with practical step-by-step guides that dive deeper into how you can quickly implement and take advantage of three partner-marketing programs that are available to you–Citrix Social, Citrix Syndication and Citrix MarketingIQ–free of charge.  .

The Marketing Learning Path* covers five key areas to boost your marketing and productivity, including:

  • The Buyers Journey – Understand the steps potential customers are taking as they navigate their way through their purchase journey and how you can build a plan that maps content to their needs
  • Best Practices for Online Marketing – Learn the key concepts and best practices for getting started online, including SEO, blogs and social media
  • Generating Awareness with Citrix Social – Discover your automated solution for growing your fan-base, engaging new customers and becoming a social media guru
  • Generating Leads with Citrix Syndication – Turn your website in to a content-fuelled, lead generating machine for your Citrix offerings and expertise
  • Driving Demand with Citrix MarketingIQ – Learn how to create and build demand generation campaigns that sparkle in just a few simple steps leveraging co-brandable, pre-built templates, built in landing pages, an integrated event center to house all your event needs, and more!

Your schedule, your rules

Partner Learning Paths* are here to support you in taking your expertise to the next level in a way that’s best for you. That means content is always on and always available to support you in learning in a style that meets your needs. Pick up content where you left off or use it as a useful refresher when you need it – and remember, with content that’s role-based covering virtualization, networking and mobility solutions, you’ll find everything you need to accelerate your time to productivity. Anytime.

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* Please note to access the Citrix Partner Learning Paths you will need to use your Citrix Partner Credentials.