A high priority for any Enterprise software company should be end user adoption of any technology tools that require a company-wide rollout.

It’s important for IT departments to think beyond just development and deployment. Similar focus should be placed on increasing adoption, which in turn creates ROI. There are a number of options for driving awareness and education to end users, but not all of them are efficient or cost-effective.

When considering end user education, the ShareFile Product Adoption Team recommends using ShareFile Training webinars as an effective platform for its achievement. These customer-specific training sessions are tailored to industry and department use cases. The hands-on interaction during a webinar allows for a valuable source of product input and usage, which is key for enhancing product knowledge and creating a set of best practices for daily workflows.

Benefits of ShareFile Training GoToWebinar Sessions

1. Interactive: We use a fully-functional ShareFile solution; one that is virtually identical to the one our customers implement. Trainees can therefore get “hands-on” with the system and try the functionality out rather than simply listening to it being described. Another benefit to add , trainees can identify new features that the business can adopt going forward.

2. Virtual: Allows access from anywhere in the world in just a few clicks. No more long onboarding times to get your teams up and running and learning the solution.

3. Often: Users can learn to use new features in succinct scheduled classes, rather than during extensive training periods.

4. Independent: If you want end users to really own the product and learn on their own, the training shouldn’t stop once the official training sessions end. ShareFile has an online KB and community where users can pose questions, search our extensive FAQs, and much more. http://support.citrixonline.com/en_US/ShareFile.

Ready to join a training webinar? To connect to an upcoming ShareFile Training GoToWebinar, simply enter the webinar ID provided by the organizer.

Avail of ShareFile training to increase adoption, and the more likely you are to see positive ROI within your organization!!!

Upcoming Webinar-ShareFile’s Top 5 Features for Business Efficiency- July 22nd 2015 at 10:30 AM PDT/1:30 PM EDT

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For more information about the ShareFile Production Adoption Program please contact Justin.Riek@citrix.com