Accelerate Development and Productivity with Citrix Partner Learning PathsIncreased demand for a consumer-like technology experience at work mandates that partners are enabled to sell, demonstrate and market Citrix solutions more effectively in order to address the consumerization and mobility trends that IT now faces.

To meet the challenges of this reality, increase productivity and maximize customer satisfaction, Citrix will fully equip and train our channel to deliver solutions for IT consumerization and workforce mobility.

Introducing Citrix Partner Learning Paths

Partner Learning Paths will help partners develop essential, core skills around Citrix solutions and learn our best practices to increase their productivity in a quickly evolving IT landscape.

Moreover, these paths help partners rapidly and efficiently onboard staff members and provide a prescriptive, self-guided approach to learning for partner sales, pre-sales technical and marketing staff.

Learning Paths are comprised of purpose-built content and courses, as well as carefully selected existing resources, which enable partners to become familiar and comfortable with Citrix solutions, value proposition and best practices.

Net business benefits for partners

Knowledge gained from Partner Learning Paths builds confidence, empowering individual partner employees to deliver results more quickly and professionally—including improved lead generation, more-compelling demos, greater sharing of best practices around successful PoCs and pilots, and larger deals.

  • Greater profitability – Gain the knowledge required to take the initiative in marketing, selling and demoing Citrix solutions, leading to more and larger wins.
  • Increased confidence – Become empowered to handle a wide range of customer challenges and scenarios.
  • Faster time to value – Quickly get to up speed with Citrix platforms, tools and resources quickly, so they are effective from Day 1.
  • Streamlined learning – Avoid the time and effort of searching for the right learning resources or requesting direct support from Citrix.
  • Improved user experience – Learn faster with a straightforward, prescriptive, role-specific experience. 

Role-based learning about Citrix solutions

Partner Learning Paths cover virtualization, networking and mobility solutions. Further, these paths are tailored to the needs of sales, pre-sales technical and marketing staff.

  • Sales employees learn how to use Citrix programs and sales resources and about each major Citrix product, including selling and positioning, demos and common use cases.
  • Pre-sales technical staff receive the technical information they need to position and demo Citrix solutions and deliver PoCs and pilots.
  • Marketing employees learn how to execute effective awareness and demand-generation campaigns that drive leads and result in closed sales. 

How do Learning Paths support channel enablement?

The key word here is “productivity.”

Learning Paths align to “Strengthened Partner Enablement,” one of the four pillars of the new Partner Growth Plan announced at Summit in January 2015. Citrix recognizes that productivity is the key to sustaining success across the channel worldwide.

Partner Learning Paths accelerate time to productivity with Citrix by increasing partners’ understanding, self-confidence and self-sufficiency that lead to customer satisfaction, business growth and profitability.

The launch of Partner Learning Paths is one that I am very excited to share and illustrates the continued investment and commitment to our channel’s development and mutual success.

Now is a great time to be a Citrix partner and take advantage of this new, exciting offering as well as other marketing and sales enablement tools available to the global partner network.

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