Effective August 11, 2015, Citrix will expire the update paths for those with a valid (unexpired) CCIA or CCEE certification interested in upgrading from CCIA to CCE – V, CCIA to CCP – V or CCEE to CCP – V. In 2013, Citrix announced those update paths, which are as follows:

  • CCIA–> take and pass the 1Y0-400 exam and attain the CCE – V certification; or take and pass the 1Y0-300 exam and attain the CCP – V certification
  • CCEE–> take and pass the 1Y0-300 exam and attain the CCP – V certification

Well, after almost two years, the update paths will expire in line with the discontinuation of the English version of the 1Y0-400 and 1Y0-300 exams. Once these exams are discontinued on August 11, the update paths will no longer be available to individuals who test in English. As of that date, CCIAs and CCEEs interested in pursuing the equivalent CCE – V and CCP – V will have to meet the full Virtualization certification requirements, which will involve taking and passing multiple exams.

Please find the full requirements here: http://training.citrix.com/cms/index.php/certification/virtualization/

Please note the 1Y0-401 and 1Y0-301 exams are not on the CCIA or CCEE update paths and, as such, will not allow a CCIAs or CCEEs to update their certification by simply taking and passing one exam.

For more information on upcoming and past discontinuations, retirements and expirations, please go here.