Whiskey and Cigar power alliances

And what a week it’s been for @CitrixPartners!

Another evening has come to a close on the expo floor. The lights have been turned low, the booth staffers are off to one party or another, and I sit here at my podium, nursing my hoarse voice with a tumbler of Macallan 12 year old scotch. My head is still spinning from the amazing announcements we made this week at WPC. I’m certain it’s the announcements and not the scotch. Probably. More testing is required.

Christmas in July

With the announcement that we are offering FREE use of AppDNA to our Citrix Partners for one year, so they can help their customers Windows 10 migration projects, it really is like Christmas in July. Seriously. This is better than getting a bike or a G.I. Joe with the Kung Fu grip.

But I digress.

As you may know, AppDNA is the industry-leading application lifecycle management tool. And when used in migration projects, it can accelerate those projects by up to 90%. It’s been available as part of XenApp and XenDesktop Platinum editions for a while now, but now Citrix Solutions Advisors have FREE use of it. F-R-E-E: FREE.

I have a lot of close friends who are also CSA partners and the biggest complaint I hear from them about their business is their often paltry margins in migration projects. Traditionally, they would bid on a migration project to a customer. Then they would need to airlift in a group of Engineers who would camp out in a conference room for weeks or months installing and testing each application manually.

Now, I don’t know if you know this or not, but quality Engineers don’t come cheap. So, the partner has to pay this team of Engineers a hefty salary, they have to pay travel and expenses, and they have to pay countless other operational costs like project managers and more. And by the end of the project they are often lucky if they made any profit.

But, if they use AppDNA for FREE, they could literally walk into the customer, point the AppDNA client at the application libraries, MSI or EXE, and in a fraction of the time a database and reporting specific to that customer is built and the project is running on warp speed.

And as you know from my previous posts, the reports show you in a consumable, manner the effort calculator in order to migrate the applications to the next version of Windows, or SQL, App-V, XenApp, Internet Explorer, etc. No more engineers sitting in stuffy conference rooms each grinding through applications one by one. And trust me… that was not a room you wanted to go into after lunch.

Think of it this way: you need to go from Boston to Orlando. You could go out and buy a high end Mercedes S class, loaded with heated seats, satellite radio, navigation and more. You could drive that Benz the 24 hours or so it would take to get from Boston to Orlando. Or, you could get FREE use of Tom Brady’s private jet with Gisele Bündchen as your personal flight attendant and get there in 3 hours.

Which would you choose?

Bring in the Lawyers

I hear what you’re saying. You’re saying, “Sean, this is too good to be true. Too good, we say! Where’s the catch?”

I’m glad you asked that, because this is not some Billy Mays (may he rest in peace) infomercial where we hit you with a “just pay separate shipping and handling” deal. But, whenever a software company gives solutions as powerful as AppDNA away for FREE (have I mentioned yet that it’s FREE?) The Lawyers need to get involved and add “stipulations.”

The stipulation is this: At the end of the Windows 10 migration project the database and log files need to be removed and taken with you, the CSA.

Again, I hear what you’re saying: “But Sean, you have been preaching to us forever that AppDNA is not just a migration tool, but a more holistic application lifecycle management tool!”

Well, I’m glad you listened, and you’re absolutely right.

I’m sure we have all experienced that sick-to-your-stomach shiver that comes when the nightly news headlines yet another major company that was brought to its knees because of a software update gone bad. And yes, AppDNA can be used to analyze new applications or even updates to existing ones against our production images and report on any impact they may have. Before you even apply the update in production.

Now, I know there are software companies out there that make tools that allow you to “rollback” in the event an update “breaks” your system. To put it in legacy terms, the “last known good” version. But by then it’s too late. I would rather be informed ahead of time that a particular chili cheese fry is going to clog my artery before somebody is zapping me with an external defibrillator. But that’s just me.

The Good News

There is good news, though! If your customer already has XenApp or XenDesktop Platinum licenses then the database and log files can remain! And if they don’t have platinum? There is a whole team of experts out there that would be willing to help them create an upgrade plan that meets their needs and keeps their application delivery strategy humming along like a well-oiled machine.

But wait, there’s more!

Yes, in true infomercial fashion, there is more news from the convention center here in Florida. We also announced the release of the Citrix Receiver 4.3 for Windows 10 and Framehawk. That’s right, Receiver for Windows!

So, when your employees start to take advantage of the free download upgrade for Windows 10 on their personal devices they can stay productive by also downloading the new Receiver. From their personal Windows 10 devices, they can access corporate supported apps and Windows 7 desktops deployed by XenApp.

Read my Three Steps to Windows 10 blog for more.

Also announced was the tech preview of the Citrix Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA) for Windows 10. As existing and new XenDesktop customers consider migrating to Windows 10, mobilizing the desktop experience through HDX is key to both virtual and physical deployments. This Virtual Delivery Agent will help you get started on that path. The Windows 10 excitement has been steadily increasing, and along with it our XenDesktop use cases continue to grow, as well.

Play like a champion

I am very excited for the year to come and to hear feedback from our CSA community on how they used AppDNA for FREE to accelerate Windows 10 migrations. Now … where did I park Tom’s jet?