What’s new in this release of the Hosted Apps and Desktops Service?

Today, Citrix released a new version of the Hosted Apps and Desktops Service for CloudPortal Services Manager, which coincides with the new release of App Orchestration 2.6. Together, these releases will help Citrix Service Providers efficiently manage and scale their hosted apps and desktops business.

This release brings features which will greatly speed up the deployment and management of application and desktop offerings to your customers, as well as additional disaster recovery options when deployed with App Orchestration.

If you are not already provisioning hosted apps and desktops with the Hosted Apps and Desktops Service within CloudPortal Services Manager, then now is the time to consider this service for delivering complete desktop solutions to your customers.

Multi-user Provisioning Speeds Service Delivery

Perhaps the most exciting new feature for the CloudPortal Services Manager Hosted Apps and Desktops Service is the introduction of multi-user service provisioning.

In the past, you’ve had to assign a new application (or desktop) to each user one by one. This can be a tiresome exercise if you have hundreds of users. Admittedly, this is an end-user headache, and I’m sure it’s one to which you receive many requests as to “How can we do this faster?”

Without using an automation platform like CloudPortal Services Manager, you’d probably just add all of the users to the application in one simple configuration — but what if you had 10 applications or desktops which you wanted to make available?  Again, this becomes a problem.

This release solves this issue by enabling “multi-user” — or more appropriately named — “multi-user and multi-offering” provisioning.

With Hosted Apps and Desktops, multi-user and multi-offering provisioning simplifies and speeds the delivery of applications and desktops to end users

With this feature, you’ll be able to simply make a new application available to as many users as you’d like, or give a group of users the latest desktop, with a just couple of clicks.

Let’s imagine you want to remove an app or group of apps from all users.  This can be achieved quite simply without affecting the users’ other apps they have available.

Or maybe you want to ensure a set of users have a similar set of desktops and apps provisioned.  In this scenario, you are not just adding or removing, you are saying “make it look like this”.  Again, just a couple of clicks, and you’re done.

What would have taken hours before, now takes a couple of minutes.  This really does take the pain out of provisioning Apps and Desktops to end users.

You are going to save your customers time, and they are going to love you for it.

App Orchestration Backup DataCenter Simplifies Disaster Recovery

Another new and long awaited feature which the CloudPortal Services Manager Hosted Apps and Desktops release delivers is the ability to configure a backup datacenter for App Orchestration.

Service providers can now easily tie in failover support as a value add or additional cost service.  For them, it’s as simple as setting the property at the Service Configuration Level as a “Set and forget” configuration. This can then be overridden at the tenant level to allow for custom backup datacentres for each tenant if the need arises — dependant on customer’s requirements or level of offering.

Downstream, CloudPortal Services Manager and App Orchestration automation help ensure that app and desktop service delivery infrastructure is deployed in both primary and backup datacenters for that tenant.  This allows Service providers to deliver strong SLAs backed by a multi-datacenter architecture.

XenDesktop 7.6 Application Folder Support Simplifies Application Management

Service Providers often find themselves managing one or more custom images for each tenant which quickly becomes difficult to manage without the help of folder structure support.

New in XenDesktop 7.6 is support for application folders.  This allows service providers to design and organize Hosted Apps and Desktop service offerings using folders for each tenant or offering type — simplifying and speeding up management when changes are required.

The new CloudPortal Services Manager Hosted Apps and Desktops release now retrieves offerings from anywhere within this folder structure. This allows Service Providers to manage a simple multi-tenant design for delivering apps and desktops by utilizing the new Application folders available within XenDesktop 7.6.

Increased Quality and Resiliency

The continued evolution of the hosted apps and desktops service brings in all previous quality fixes included in CloudPortal Services Manager Cumulative Updates.

One specific fix which deserves mentioning you can now provision as many offerings as you like to tenants and the provisioning will be resounding success the first time without failure in a multi-domain controller environment.

Start using CloudPortal Services Manager and App Orchestration Releases Today

Current Citrix Service Providers using CloudPortal Services Manager and/or App Orchestration can download the new releases

If you’re not yet using CloudPortal Services Manager and/or App Orchestration, speak with a Citrix Service Provider Program team member at csp@citrix.com.

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