Available now, the latest version of XenMobile WorxMail (10.0.7), provides industry leading real-time, secure mobile email sync, including app badges, lock and home screen notifications.

Email is arguably the most important business tool used on a continual basis.  Users demand that notifications of new email arrive immediately and that inbox counts are the same on all devices at the same time without exponential drain on the battery life.

Over the past couple of years XenMobile WorxMail has implemented various methods to provide users with the fastest real-time notification and synchronization required for today’s enterprise users.

  • XenMobile WorxMail 8.x utilized a non-approved method to run in the background on iOS devices. While this method allowed users to receive email notifications in near real-time, running in the background consumes battery. Many users were disappointed in the reduced battery life – but liked the quick notifications and synced email. Essentially users were left with a decision – do you want real-time email notifications and data sync or regular battery life?  You couldn’t have both.
  • With iOS 7, Apple released new APIs for developers to allow their apps to run in the background. XenMobile WorxMail 9 utilized these new approved APIs which immediately resulted in significant battery savings for users. However, utilizing the new APIs meant that iOS was “in control” of when WorxMail could be allowed to receive notifications and download email. The APIs allows apps to update “several times per hour” but there were no guarantees on when WorxMail could be allowed to synchronize. When Apple released iOS 8, the APIs didn’t change, but the “several times per hour” metric seemed slow way down and users began to complain about not receiving WorxMail notifications or email in a timely matter. At this point the decision is to have great battery life, but not get timely notifications and email data syncing.
  • With the release of XenMobile WorxMail 10.0.7, Citrix has come up with a unique solution that meets both of the user requirements of great battery life AND real-time notifications/data syncing while also meeting a critical IT requirement of not being less secure or requiring more servers. WorxMail now utilizes a true “push notification” system through Apple’s Push Notification Service (APNS). When this feature is enabled by IT, WorxMail will receive real-time notifications from the user’s Exchange/Office 365 email server and WorxMail will automatically synchronize email data – so fast that in most cases by the time the user loads the WorxMail app (after receiving a notification) the new emails will most likely already be downloaded. Another unique feature in WorxMail is the new “red unread email” badge. Now that WorxMail is using the APNS capability to update the app’s badge icon, users can expect that the number of unread email be the same across all mobile devices and desktop clients. For example, on your iPhone, the WorxMail icon shows that you have 32 unread emails in your inbox, so will your iPad WorxMail icon, and so will Outlook running on the desktop. Reading an email with Outlook on your desktop will drop the number to 31 in Outlook. After that change has been sent to the email server, the email server will send those changes to WorxMail and you’ll see badge on WorxMail change on both the iPad and iPhone to 31.

What’s the benefit to the user?

  • Users receive important email and notifications in real-time with lock and home screen notifications. (Needs to enabled by IT on the XenMobile Server).
  • Email notifications can include detail like sender, subject and preview. (Details can be controlled by IT on the XenMobile Server).
  • Users can expect that WorxMail’s “unread email” badge is properly synced between ALL devices and desktop clients.
  • Users are able to enable or disable email and calendar notifications in the WorxMail settings, giving the ability to customize their experience with the ability to control visual and audio notifications.

The new real-time push notification feature in XenMobile WorxMail 10.0.7 helps meet the stringent user requirements of real-time email notifications along with data synchronization while providing great battery life – the best of both worlds. Citrix’s unique implementation also helps meet the requirements of IT – requiring no additional servers, no storing of user’s credentials and the ability to enable/disable the feature based on corporate policy requirements.  For more information and a complete step by step guide on how to configure APNS for WorxMail click here.