What’s new in App Orchestration 2.6

Today, Citrix released a new version of App Orchestration to help service providers efficiently manage and scale their hosted app and desktop business.

• App Orchestration support for XenDesktop 7.6 and StoreFront 3.0
• New validated guidance for high availability and disaster planning
• New features to simplify and speed up deployment

Citrix Service Providers love XenApp and XenDesktop because they provide the best end-user experience and broadest device support for delivering apps and desktops to hosted services partners, tenants and subscribers. While XenDesktop nicely anchors a hosted mobile workspace, managing isolation and configuration across multiple customers becomes time consuming and costly as subscribers increase.

Service providers need scalable multi-tenant management capabilities to grow their business and increase profitability. This is best accomplished by using efficient tools and automation, instead of hiring more technicians. That’s why Citrix developed App Orchestration: a purpose-built product for service providers that simplifies, orchestrates and automates the delivery of app and desktop services across multiple tenants, domains and datacenters.

Learn more about the benefits of App Orchestration.

New in this release, we’re bringing forward orchestration support for the latest versions of XenApp and XenDesktop and ramping up Citrix-validated guidance around delivering highly available, disaster-tolerant app and desktop services. In today’s competitive hosted services market, customers expect strong service SLAs backed by highly available and disaster tolerant infrastructure. As service providers look to implement these requirements, validated guidance and solution architecture, combined with built-in product capabilities, saves service providers time and money on implemention and support.

Check out the new features in Citrix App Orchestration 2.6

Support for XenDesktop 7.6: This release of App Orchestration brings support for deploying and managing app and desktop delivery infrastructure across multiple tenants, domains and datacenters using XenDesktop 7.6 Feature Pack 1 and 2 (learn more about the latest XenDesktop release here). XenDesktop 7.6 brings solution differentiating features such as session pre-launch and linger, improving the speed and experience of users accessing app and desktop services. Learn more about the benefits and new features of XenDesktop 7.6.

Simplify creation and configuration of XenDesktop 7.6 Delivery Sites using App Orchestration 2.6

Support for StoreFront 3.0: The latest App Orchestration release supports deployment and orchestration of StoreFront 3.0. Quickly deploy sites and manage them for multi-tenancy using built-in best practices developed from service providers large and small. StoreFront isolation is easily managed for each tenant using one of three pre-defined isolation modes (shared, private and private site). These modes enable service providers to pair customers with the right level of isolation, configuration and branding based on cost, security and compliance requirements. Learn more about new features in StoreFront 3.0.

Citrix App Orchestration 2.6 streamlines StoreFront 3.0 deployment and automates configuration

Streamline StoreFront 3.0 deployment and automate configuration using App Orchestration 2.6

High Availability and Disaster Recovery Guidance: New guidance on configuring App Orchestration for high availability and disaster recovery is now available. This App Orchestration release validates disaster tolerant, multi-datacenter designs where delivery infrastructure is orchestrated and managed across datacenters, even during a datacenter outage. During a disaster event, App Orchestration can be used to quickly scale up capacity in backup datacenters to restore or expand availability of services. This helps service providers react quickly to disaster scenarios by ensuring consistent and efficient tool-based operations and automation continues, instead of reverting back to time consuming and error prone manual techniques during a critical time of crisis recovery.

Configure tenants with primary and backup datacenters using App Orchestration 2.6

Ensure high availabiltiy of services using multi-datacenter features in App Orchestration 2.6

Easily adjust capacity in primary and backup datacenters using App Orchestration 2.6 to ensure availability of services

Easily adjust capacity in primary and backup datacenters using App Orchestration capacity management

Bundled Delivery: To get started fast, Citrix product media is wrapped up into a single download. The unpacking process deploys the product media ready for image prep using App Orchestration Install Center. The new delivery format saves administrators time downloading and packaging XenDesktop, StoreFront and App Orchestration installers and hotfixes.

Lean Deployment: In this App Orchestration release, high availability requirements for orchestrated delivery sites and StoreFront are now optional, allowing for sites and server groups to be created using a single server. If you’re just getting started with App Orchestration, start with a lean deployment to get your environment up and running quickly. If you’re more experienced, go for a highly available, multi-datacenter or multi-domain environment and begin taking advantage of advanced features.

Create single server Delivery Sites and StoreFront Server Groups using App Orchestration 2.6

Get started fast using single server Delivery Sites and StoreFront Server Groups

In-Place Upgrade: Upgrade existing App Orchestration 2.5 deployments in-place and carry forward existing XenDesktop and StoreFront sites to the latest versions. Upgrading brings the lastest in-demand features and security considerations to end subscribers while ensuring that service providers are equipped with the latest management and monitoring tools for support and troubleshooting. View the upgrade guide to review the process, installers and scripts provided.

Download the App Orchestration 2.6 product bundle today and start orchestrating state of the art app and desktop experiences built on Xenapp and XenDesktop 7.6 and StoreFront 3.0.

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